The catalysts of social media

Earlier today I mentioned that I would love to use the words granular and linear when I talk to people about social media and marketing, but my mind doesn’t work in a linear or granular fashion. I’m more of a black and white type. I like to distill things down.

As I was walking my black and white dog this morning I was struck by a notion that really, what might be driving widespread social media adoption are 2 simple things.  Word of Mouth and Search.

A social network happens because of what? Because someone told us about it or we did a search. Pretty much, right?  Yes there may have been an accelerant( see traditional marketing) that drove us to the social network, but for the most part how we get there is pretty simple.

Viral Video #234

This video was sent to me via email and naturally I sent it on, because that’s what we do. But computer graphics notwithstanding, this is still a pretty cool, “wow” type of video.


Viral Message. When marketers hope we get it. Did you?

Here is a) a great message b) a video that has the potential to be viral and c) Is well done. .When you get to the end of the video, is it what you thought the message would be?

WOMM If it sucks, it sucks.

I read this statement this morning and I’m still trying to wrap my arms around it: “Power is shifting rapidly to consumers”. The reason I’m having a hard time with it is,  since when did or do consumers not have the power.  The person who wrote that also said that that statement is the “new reality”. Oh really? So prior to the new reality, marketers and companies and products called the shots?

Isn’t the customer always right? If a product sucks, it sucks. The customer and the consumer will tell you so. They’ll do it 3 ways. 1 they won’t buy it. 2 they’ll tell their friends about the sucky-ness of it and 3. even though they don’t knoe you, they’ll tell you the product sucks.

I chuckle when I read that companies and organizations are building social communities and word of mouth campaigns wrapped around their products and top influencers and then complain because of what they hear. What did they expect to hear?

If it sucks, it sucks.