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Marc Meyer has been able to take digital strategies and simplify and quantify them in a way that makes sense for Fortune 500 companies in any industry.

Currently, Marc is serving as a Global Social Media Lead for PerkinElmer. Previously, he served in the same capacity for Wipro and Wipro Digital. Prior to that, Marc lead a large social media marketing team at Accenture for five years. Before that, he was the social media practice lead at Ernst and Young and before joining EY, Marc was the Digital and Social Media lead for 2 years at  Digital Response Marketing Group,  a social media and search marketing boutique located in Naples, Florida.

Previously, Marc had been consulting for direct response marketing firm, Emerson Direct, for nearly 7 years. At various times he had served as their Director of Internet Marketing and their Director of Social Media. In both roles, Marc was able to leverage his experience in marketing, sales and technology to a degree in which companies actually did not “glaze over” and just nod their heads when he suggested a new approach to creating digital content, a different social media strategy or a simple SEO tactic.

For the past 15 years, Marc has been seeking to raise the art and science of digital marketing and social media to a new level, where every company and organization becomes adept at understanding what it takes to be successful at attracting eyeballs through simple SEO practices, driving traffic and uncovering new prospects through SMO lead generation, or creating conversations from social media best practices, and ultimately, understanding online behaviors and cultures through the usage of social media, social media marketing and community.

Marc has been showing companies “the way” for almost 15 years in various capacities  He’s held positions ranging from digital strategist to social media practice lead, to VP of sales and marketing, to also being a top sales and marketing exec at a software consulting company in Pittsburgh nsulting company in Pittsburgh, PA.

Additionally, Marc was also the co-founder of at one time, one of the hottest and most respected Twitter chats running on the business of social media. Called “Hashtag Social Media” it aimed to raise the bar of what mattered in social media and ran for 154 consecutive weeks.

Marc frequently speaks, writes and evangelizes on how companies can do it better with digital marketing, or just how they can be smarter about going about it.

If you would like Marc to speak to your group on how to best utilize all that the web has to offer in regards to digital, social and online marketing, email him. He can be reached at the following email address:

25 thoughts on “Marc Meyer

  1. Hi Marc,

    You’ve created some rich commentary.
    Let’s connect sometime. I think we might have some interesting DM approaches to talk about.

    And thanks for the JC Penney email. I have not laughed so hard all week. Sets a good tone for Halloween.

    Mark Alan Effinger

  2. Marc,

    I wanted to thank you for the blog you wrote about us! Your thoughts and kind words are truly appreciated! Would it be ok to email you our news stories that come out in the future?

    Thanks again!


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  4. Hello, Marc, thanks for mentioning The Customer Collective in your post “why online communities fail.” We’d like very much to invite you to become part of that commmunity…


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  7. I was just curious about where you are getting the statistics in your article ’19 things you should know about your world’. I know it says that Karl Fisch and Scott Mcleod compiled the data, but I was wondering how they went about gathering their data. The data they provided is very interesting and I would like to know more. Thanks!

  8. Nice to see a fellow Neapolitan who is engaged in SEO and web marketing. It’s an everchanging art form, more like a dance of ever-modifying Tai Chi or the self-emergant characteristics of starting a new life form (sometimes chaos, sometimes complexity).

    On a more mundane note, I spotted your business registration the other day on sunbiz and I stuck it up on my site, along with a few links to your twitter, your blog and your main business pages.

    If you want to claim it to modify it, just lemme know.

    It’s at:

    It was just a standard business entry, but after being pleasantly surprised to find you have a blog, a tweet-spot and a website, I figured i’d just toss those links in for good measure.

    Best of luck in today’s economic climate: as there has been over 600 new businesses registered in Collier County FL since January 1st, 2009, i can see there is a LOT of hope happening in this here county, and good things are yet to come. It’s always darkest before the dawn, and when shroedinger’s cat hsa been let out of pandora’s box, hope.

    Kenneth Udut
    founder of
    Owner of NeighborHelp Referrals’ Affordable Trapping 239-465-9291

  9. Marc –

    I really like your post about the 10 things to twitter during the conference. I thought the fact that you mentioned the observers “observation” is just as valid and important as the speaker’s take on things at the conference.

    Hurrah for insight and communication..


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  11. Hi Marc,

    I just want to introduce the E-Connect network to you. It’s a quality network (well, going to be) of websites that have RSS feeds.

    There’s really nothing to lose from participating. Widget loads fast, links are “nofollow” so you won’t get any bad neighborhood, 8 colors 2 sizes to choose from to match the design of your website.

    Take a look at your convenience.


    Kind Regards,


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  13. Hi and I’m enjoying reading your informative blog posts. You cover some interesting areas and topics. 🙂

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