3 Reasons Why Viral Video Inspires

First I want to tell you that I’m encouraged. You’ll understand why after you see these videos.

1) Let’s start with TED. I have tweeted in the past why you should start your day with a TED video, and here is testament to that reasoning.

2) Prepare to be awed and amazed at the fearlessness in this next video.

3) and this one..humans creating and playing.

You see, as we head into 2010, the human spirit for creating and sharing and expressing and pushing the envelope of what is possible in this world will always trump the bad in those that are hell bent on destroying that spirit.

Augmented reality

I just tweeted that I thought social media delivers its own little slice of augmented reality. By that I mean that everyone now has the ability to create and enhance a persona that may or may not be a realistic version of who you really are.

Take this video for instance. What if this was the way it was in real world situations?

Or what if we all started to talk in a staccato like, 140 character, cryptic fashion? How would that fly?