The Top 20 search terms for the week

It’s a new year and thus the searches have a “turning over a new leaf” type of feel to them. But not for long, as our beloved searchers show their age when they give us WWE and Dragonball.  But fear not, we are still a nation/ world obsessed with absolutely anything that Britney does as well as Jessica Simpson and Lindsey Lohan. mnay thanks to the Lycos 50.

1 Poker
Full House, and you thought all that SPAM was worthless?
2 Golf
Fore! and it’s still winter people! 
3 Fashion
2008 trends.
4 Britney Spears
Dating and running from the paparazzo
5 Disney
“National Treasure 2” a must see.
6 Clay Aiken
“Spamalot”, Who said AI Stars have no traction?
7 Paris Hilton
Buddy Nicole gives birth. She’s slipping.
8 YouTube
Videos, we are a nation obsessed with videos
9 South Beach Diet
Low carb. Oh and we are obsessed with losing weight as well
10 Naruto
11 Pamela Anderson
Not pregnant and still looking, er uh.. like Pam Anderson
12 Kim Kardashian
Socialite taking advantage of her 20 minutes
13 Apple
Macworld, Check out the new Air Mac or mac Air
14 WWE
SmackDown. Who said anything about roids?
15 Lindsay Lohan
Dating Adrian Grenier? and still clean?
16 Pokemon
Battle Revolution
17 Jessica Simpson
Not at Cowboys game and they still lose.
18 Weight Watchers
Weight loss. In 2008, I will lose…
19 MySpace
20 NFL
Playoffs? Did someone say playoffs?

Top 15 search results this past week…

Here is what we as a society care about, according to the Lycos 50.


Thats great, Poker, Paris Hilton, Golf Clubs, Project Runway, Britney, MySpace, and Clay Aiken (wtf?). Interestingly enough, stretching beyond the top 15 and looking at the next 10, there is absolutely nothing in there about, global warming, world hunger, the Iraq war, the presidential election or the oil spill in S.F.,  Though in the 20 spot we do have something about pink ribbons and breast cancer awareness-finally a web search about something with meaning and substance. Without going any further, I can assure you that all we care about are things that stimulate us one way or the other.

Top 10 Search Results… Surprise surprise..Facebook

WALTHAM, Mass., Nov. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Lycos, Inc. , today
announced the following information from The Lycos 50, the 50 most
popular Internet search results for the week ending Nov. 3, 2007.

There are some interesting results as usual, so I will provide my running acerbic, commentary for comedic relief.
    Biggest Movers and Shakers for Week Ending Nov. 3, 2007:

    1.  Robert Goulet                    800 % (You thought the net was just for the 18-34 demo?)
    2.  Bee Movie                        700 %( Seinfeld reincarnated )
    3.  American Gangster                162 % (Denzel and Crowe will always pull)
    4.  Reese Witherspoon                142 % ( Is it cause she’s cute?)
    5.  Keith Richards                   140 % (slurrrrrs..another coconut tree?)
    6.  Thanksgiving                     132 % (Understandable)
    7.  Facebook                         100 % ( You knew it was gonna happen)
    8.  Katie Holmes                     173 % ( People are still asking, why Tom?)
    9.  Christmas                         61 % ( It’s the annoying Zales commercial again)
    10. NCAA                              55 % ( I’m an 11 year old boy, how do I search?)
    Notes of Interest:
 Facebook (#25) makes its first-ever appearance on the Lycos 50,
generating more searches this week than popular web search mainstays
Dragonball (#27), RuneScape (#31) and Wikipedia (#34). Although MySpace
(#19) still ranks higher in search activity, Facebook’s open source policy
regarding applications, combined with other unique functionality, has
allowed it to soar in popularity.