Social Retailing. Going to the mall with all my social networking friends.

So you really thought that this social networking thing might not catch on in the mainstream? Well guess what? Why don’t we mash the mall with Facebook or Myspace and see what we get? Social Retailing.

A New York-based designer has come up with a mirror equipped with infrared technology that sends a live video feed to any cell phone, e-mail account or personal digital assistant device selected by a shopper. OMG u looook so goood!

Christopher Enright, chief technology officer for digital design company IconNicholson, said putting these mirrors outside store fitting rooms meant women could go shopping with their friends — remotely.

Essentially, you can be anywhere in the world and your friends or relatives can be elsewhere and yet you can all talk, and view what you are trying on.

Using the interactive mirror, a shopper’s friends can then text message back with comments about the outfit IconNicolson  which has rolled out this  “social retailing” vision, has mashed up social networking and bleeding edge communication technologies with youth shopping habits – to target young adult shoppers. In part, the interactive mirror can send a live video feed to any cell phone or e-mail account selected by  the shopper.

Shopping will now take on new meaning. But the question is, isn’t part of the fun of shopping at the mall, travelling in large packs, hanging out in the food court, and essentially buying nothing? Time will tell, but at the least, we can add anew term to the ever-growing lexicon of social media terms. 

Search Quotient

 I came across this site this morning and thought it was cool, but…. looks at a URL and key words then instantly reports a composite score reflecting a website’s ranking on major search engines. The higher the “SQ”, the higher the ranking on search engines. SearchQuotient’s staff then offers a customized plan for increasing the site’s position on major search engines.

Only one  problem: The site’s “free” tool didn’t work. Talk about a bad first impression! Which begs the question,  Who should be at fault? Transmedia Group, who released a Press release this morning or Search Quotient for not testing to make sure their tool was ready before releasing the tool?

Either way, though there are lots of free tools out there that do virtually the same thing. I’m sure they would like another shot at proving that what they have to offer works.