Social Media Thought For The Day #2

I often times find it interesting that some social media consultants suggest that one way a company of any size can insert themselves into the social stream quickly is to start a blog. Well, yes that’s true but…

Starting a blog, having a blog, nurturing that blog and actually making money at it are all very distinct things.

Emerson Direct Marketing Observations cracks Adage top 500 blogs

The Emerson Direct marketing observations blog has cracked the Adage Power 150. The Power 150 is a ranking of the top English-language media and marketing blogs in the world, It currently ranks more than 500 blogs written about all types of media and pretty much every imaginable marketing discipline.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed, and thank you to everyone who has read and reads it….Now lets get to it!

John Challis meet Adrian Sudbury

Why is it that some of the bravest people in this world are the ones who have such little time left? John Challis I would like to introduce you to Adrian Sudbury. BTW Adrians blog has been so popular and such an inspiration that it won an award back in November.