Social Media Thought #4: The Thought Leader

Last year there was a Nissan spot, where 2 guys are driving and the one exclaims to the other, “I am the man”! His buddy looks at him and says, “If you have to say you are the man, you are not, the man.”

In the upper right hand corner of Twitter, where a person’s bio is located, you will frequently see that someone will either attach 7 titles or more to their bios or..will call themselves a social media thought leader, guru, ninja, or egads… expert.

Which leads us to today’s simple post.

Some can and should let others know that they are thought leaders-it’s a short list; and for the rest, it’s up to your peers, customers and your clients to determine whether you are a thought leader. If you are, then it will happen. If you are not, eventually people will realize that too. Your work will speak for itself.