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Gen T…The Twitter Generation


Is that possible to have? Seriously… A generation that revolves around and relies on Twitter; and wouldn’t know what to do without it? A group of people that start and end their day with a good morning and a good night to their Twitter network. Is that you? Gen T?

When Twitter was down or went down what did you do? When Twitter doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, what do you do? Do you rely on Twitter for your information about the days events? Is it your search engine for content, and content ideas? Is it your own informal little polling tool?

Twitter is an icebreaker for you.

Do you reach out to your network for restaurant ideas and places to go when you’re traveling? Do you share the mundane? As well as the exciting and earth shattering things that may happen in your life? How important is it that you Retweet something? How pissed do you get when you are auto-DM’ed? How much do you Tweet after the work day ends?

How does your work day begin? Does it revolve around starting up your favorite Twitter client? Do you share your wins and losses- your frustrations?

I bet you have a story about Twitter and how it affected your business for the positive. I also bet you could tell us about something bad or unpleasant that you were witness to on Twitter as well. I imagine you have a fairly healthy list of suggestions that Twitter could enact that would make it better for all of us.

How strong are some of your personal relationships versus some of your relationships forged because of Twitter? When you meet someone for the first time, though you have been tweeting for months or years on Twitter, what’s it like? Good, bad, better, or indifferent?

You are part of the Twitter generation.



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