The difference between Facebook and Twitter

I just read a blog post about Twitter Surpassing Facebook as the top link in E-mail marketing campaigns and that got me wondering why. But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If I’m a marketer or large company and I know that my intrusive and possibly NOT opt-in, much less  double opt-in email is not being read; and I want the recipient to grab something-what is easier? What social link might they click on?



Or Facebook?


Both ultimately satisfy and both are going to give the reader of the email the info they are hoping for. Information about you and your company. But the difference is Twitter is a snapshot about culture, beliefs, thoughts and opinions. While Facebook is a movie. Facebook is what happens after we have talked on the phone and have decided to meet.

For the  email marketer, you have only a certain amount of time to get the attention of your prospect. What can they hit quicker? Twitter or Facebook? What will give them the quickest return? Will it give you a higher conversion rate? Hard to say. But at least it gives you the chance to pitch one more time. And hopefully your Twit stream is a bit more robust and useful than what some marketers seem to think Twitter is best used for. Take more time to develop out a solid Twitter presence. Don’t ignore Facebook but understand the difference between the two as marketing vehicles.

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