Why people are leaving Twitter

According to Nielsen last month, a full 60% of users who sign up to use Twitter fail to return the following month. And in the 12 months  before the “Oprah effect,”  retention rates were even lower: only 30% returned the next month.

I have a theory as to why that might be and it’s pretty simple.

Example #1


It’s probably a given that most new users have heard about Twitter and want to try it out. But this homepage doesn’t do much to explain it. Does it? By the way, the home page? That’s pretty much the same one they have used from the get-go. Of course you may click on the watch a video link for a how-to, but me thinks most will just go ahead and sign up and jump right in. In which case you  get the following screen after you have registered.


Is this intuitive?  Don’t you think it’s time to at least re-do the UI/Homepage?


Behold, marketers take it to another level with 3 spots I saw over the weekend.

In the immortal words of the Budweiser “dude”,  “Seriously…Dude..Seriously..”

Are these chin ups? Or are they chin downs? Late night direct response marketing has just gone to a whole new level.


Then there was the Quiznos Video. Or was it? Quiznos denies it.

Which leads me to ask..How does the pitch meeting go down? How do things like this get the green light? Which at this point allows us to segue’ to this..


Another Go-Daddy Spot pushing the limits of acceptability..You be the judge.