Connect-The Project 100


What is the Project 100?

Simply put, it’s 100 Marketers. 400 words each. 1 Collaborative Book on “Project 100: Marketing in the Social Media Era”. The challenge for Jeff Caswell Get 100 marketers who are leaders in the Social Media/ Non-Trad Marketing. The Topic/ Theme: “Marketing in the Social Media Era. Building Dynamic Consumer Relationships.”

The skinny: a 400 words Limit per author. Each author can include diagrams, images etc.

The beneficiary: All profits go to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

The why: Jeff, “I am not doing this for the money. I am doing it because I think its cool, I am interested in what marketing leaders are thinking and I believe in Susan G. Komen”

Where can you get the book? Right here on Blurb
Little did I know that Jeff would turn a wild hair of an idea into something that is now complete reality. My hat is off to him and the 100 authors.