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What is the Project 100?

Simply put, it’s 100 Marketers. 400 words each. 1 Collaborative Book on “Project 100: Marketing in the Social Media Era”. The challenge for Jeff Caswell Get 100 marketers who are leaders in the Social Media/ Non-Trad Marketing. The Topic/ Theme: “Marketing in the Social Media Era. Building Dynamic Consumer Relationships.”

The skinny: a 400 words Limit per author. Each author can include diagrams, images etc.

The beneficiary: All profits go to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

The why: Jeff, “I am not doing this for the money. I am doing it because I think its cool, I am interested in what marketing leaders are thinking and I believe in Susan G. Komen”

Where can you get the book? Right here on Blurb
Little did I know that Jeff would turn a wild hair of an idea into something that is now complete reality. My hat is off to him and the 100 authors.

2 thoughts on “Connect-The Project 100

  1. I agree…I was not sure I could pull this off. But thanks to the 100 authors in the first 9 days we have raised $1000!!! Thanks, Jeff

  2. Congratulations that you’ve made the Blurb Best Seller list!

    I am particularly interested in how this book will do, as for one, given that the content is from 100 social media marketing specialists, then I would think that a measure that can be applied to this book is how well it does in the social media marketplace – the first $1000 does, for example, just equate to the 100 authors themselves buying a single copy.

    So what is the social media marketing plan for this book? How is the word going to get out? How well is the book going to do, will we Blurbians glean some real tips (as proven by the book doing astronomically well, instead of just its authors buying it).

    Alot of people such as myself spend months full-time hoping that books will sell on Blurb at a rate to support us, yet there seems to be little evidence of books doing so well as to support them ~ as some of the books seem to me to be world class, I’m guessing that we’re looking for a golden marketing solution!

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