The top 15 overall searches for the week

A few things to note here with this top 10 list:  First, we are a nation obsessed with all things Britney and her clan. Second, we still cannot get enough of Jessica Simpson even when she is at a Dallas Cowboy football game. and Third, your typical search must be done by a 15 year old male.  Thanks to the Yahoo Buzz Index, Behold the list:

  1. Jessica Simpson
  2. Casey Aldridge-The father of Jamie Lynns baby
  3. I love New York- See Tiffany
  4. Jessica Alba-A staple in top internet searches
  5. Tiffany Pollard- See I love New York
  6. Angelina Jolie- no news here
  7. Claire Forlani
  8. Britney Spears
  9. NFL
  10. Jamie Lynn Spears
  11. Tony Romo-Gee, I wonder why?
  12. WWE
  13. Hi-5
  14. Christmas-Finally, something searched by more than 15-17 year old males.
  15. Leah Remini- She is so 5 minutes ago isn’t she?