Tim Russert will be sorely missed

 Whenever someone passes away in their prime, it’s always a shock. When it’s someone who was in the public eye as much as Tim Russert was, it resonates far and wide. Yesterday, June 13th, 2008, Tim Russert passed away suddenly.

One would have to have lived in a cave not to know who Tim Russert was. Even saying “Tim Russert was” sounds odd to me. I hate it when this happens.

He was the voice to America of what we needed to take away from US politics. Tim Russert simplified things for us. I would like to imagine that if you were of the voting age, then you cared about what Tim Russert had to say. He always brought a level of stability to the noise that was our political landscape.

I’m not sure who will take his place at Meet the Press, the guess would be David Gregory, and I’m sure if it is, he will do fine, but it will take some time before the memories of Tim Russert fade. At least for me they will, what about you? Go here, If you would like to offer your condolences to Tim Russert’s family.