Top 3 ways to get that social media project you always dreamed of.


So you’re scratching, you’re clawing and fighting to educate managers and business owners on the beauty of social media. You’re honing your tactics. You’re going off on the merits of engaging in conversations with customers, you’re Tweeting about how it’s all about transparency etc. etc. But what you should know is that it really comes down to 3 really basic tenets. Here they are.

1) Show them how social media can make them money

2) Show them how social media can save them money

3) Show them how you will increase brand equity

With this knowledge in your head, go ahead and push all the nuances of social media that you want. Sell and educate till the cows come home (though not sure where the cows went in the first place). But be sure you do this. Be sure that when you are done talking- or is that listening? That you have at least proved to them that one of the above three things will happen after you have embarked on your social media plan. The go do it!