I totally dig this site  Read/WriteWeb  It is a popular weblog that provides Web Technology news, reviews and analysis. But for some reason, the way they present this info and analysis, is fresh. Maybe it’s because it speaks to the things that I think are more relevant to my space, and our space for that matter, but I think it’s worthy of my readers to check it out. Trust me. They write about where we are going with our technology. How’s that?

Driving quality traffic to your website.

So you have built a killer website, it’s optimized and ready to go, but you want to drive traffic to the site, and you don’t want to spend a dime. You have one month to do it. What are going to do? Do You:

a) link bait
b) blog spam
c) forum spam
d) submit to all of the free directories
e) whore out your sites ad space
f) manually try and create backlinks with sites that have cross-promotional relevance with your site
g) create 10 other sites and link them together…
h) something that has not been written here
i) ask for more time
j) ask for money to do some ppc
k) social networks and social bookmarking

The reason I ask, is I am faced with that challenge from time to time, and as much as I wish I could make the process move quicker, unfortunately it does not. So I am always curious as to what other people do. Perhaps a few dimes need to be spent on certain things, if so what would you spend your money on to get the biggest bang of sustained traffic? For more answers to these questions I would check out one of the few Naples, Florida’s SEO companies.