20 Twitter brands behaving badly


I was doing some research for a Twitter webcast that I have coming up, and something caught me by surprise. I came across a post featuring the 100 most mentioned brands on Twitter. While the list is interesting, what I thought was more interesting and what prompted this post were the number of brands that were mentioned(talked about) a significant amount of times and the ones that I could think of, who did NOT have a twitter presence.  Some might not think much about it. But to me, given what is happening with Twitter, I think it is somewhat significant. Why? What a golden opportunity to talk with people about your brand that already talking about YOUR brand!

Below is a list of large brands that are currently doing a really poor job of managing the Twittersphere. This easily could have been a much larger list.

  1. Nike
  2. Apple
  3. Microsoft
  4. Coca-cola or Coke
  5. Sony
  6. Adidas
  7. Nokia
  8. Skittles*
  9. VW or Volkswagen
  10. Subway
  11. Mercedes, MercedesBenz
  12. Audi
  13. Heinz or Hjheinz
  14. Lexus
  15. Budweiser/Budlight
  16. Rolex
  17. Levis
  18. Converse
  19. Toyota
  20. Mountaindew

As a marketer you are challenged every day for marketshare, eyeballs, mentions and anything else that can get people talking about and engaging your brand. For big brands, people already are talking about you. Good or bad They want to talk about you. Twitter allows you to do both. You can listen to what they are saying and you can create communities of brand champions. Yet these 20 are a) slow on the draw b) don’t care and or c) are too arrogant to “bother” with Twitter. We’ll see how long that lasts, but know this, There are many many more.

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6 thoughts on “20 Twitter brands behaving badly

  1. There are MANY brands that aren’t on Twitter. Is what is most remarkable here how clueless the brands are to their impostors?

  2. @jon Why aren’t they taking the time to go and get back their brand or develop the brand? Is it the thinking, “Why bother”?

  3. Hi Marc,

    Wow, this level of neglect from some of these big brands is pretty scary. I’m betting it’s ignorance more than arrogance, but they’d better get up to speed fast.

    It’s also another reminder that those of us communications pros who use Twitter and understand its value and reach are still a small subset of the marketing communications universe. Lots of work for us to do!


  4. Great Post!!!! really shines a light on the missed opportunity for some of theses brands. Consider 500k mentions in a few days time and you were not a part of any of it. You did not capitalize on it, fuel it, participate in it, etc. Now the flip side is that sometimes it takes these kinds of numbers to get executives curious and/or interested.

    Have to wonder why some of these companies are not capitalizing and I have to think maybe they simply don’t understand how. Strategy development may be what’s lacking. Will be interesting to see this develop.

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