What exactly does adding value mean? 7 simple examples.

That was  the question asked of me via Twitter and I thought, “Wow,  apparently value is still the jello we’re trying to nail to the wall.”

In it’s most simple of terms, value is not:

“I just ate a salad”.

Value is:

“This salad was so good I’m sharing the recipe..”


Or value isn’t:

“I’m at the Expo all week”.

Value is:

“Anyone who would like to go to the Expo, here are some passes”:


But even more, value isn’t:

“I’m too busy to work with this client”.

Value is:

“Hey @bethharte I have a client that could really benefit from your knowledge, here is their name and number and email.”

Value is not: “I’m reading about 10 superb social media presentations.”

Value is: Here is a link to 10 superb social media presentations

Value isn’t, ‘Thanks Sonny.”

Value is: ” If it wasn’t for @sonnygill, I’m not sure what I would have done”.

Value isn’t reading about an Amber alert.. Value is Retweeting an Amber Alert

Value isn’t about applauding someone for giving money to a good cause. Value is about stepping up and coming together as a community to help someone out because it’s the right thing to do.

The reality is you knew all along how to add value. You didn’t need me to tell you, but just in case, perhaps these 7 examples helped you out.

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  1. Amen Marc. I often think that common sense is the best way to use Social Media and if people know how to use the tools and have a grip on understanding people then understanding how to add value to them is not brain surgery.

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