Twitter Town Hall Takes Center Stage


Twitter Town Hall,  a concept slowly starting to make sense, came roaring into the spotlight last night. At the epicenter of people who are most concerned about health care reform (senior citizens living in Florida) it became a little bit more magnified.

Last night, at the Naples Daily News headquarters, I had the pleasure to help manage with Cyndee Woolley, the “back channel” for a discussion on Health Care. However the difference was that this back channel was in the forefront.

Why? Because we took questions not only from the SRO crowd of almost 300, but also from the folks watching the stream live on their computers and participating via Twitter. Hyper local took on a whole new meaning.

You want to see Web 2.0 in action across multiple generations? We had it last night. Streaming video, Twitter, Facebook and 3 party applications all played out before the common people who wanted to hear and wanted to be heard.

Interestingly enough this was essentially the brainchild of one of Florida’s state representatives, Matt Hudson, who truly “gets” the power of social media. And because of social media, the event was organized very quickly, was very well attended, and it achieved it’s goal of informing as many people possible in as many ways as possible.

Here is NBC’s take on last night’s Twitter Town Hall

Here is the Local Fox affiliates take

Town Hall meetings might never be the same.

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