Are you the change agent? 10 questions you need to ask yourself

In marketing, in social media, in PR and in just about every other role. Innovation and great ideas can bubble up from anyone. The key and qualities are many.  I know of a number of change agents, some personally, and some not, but in each case, it was a person that truly possessed many of the qualities below. Whether you’re looking for that change agent when deciding on a go or no go on a project, or you are wondering whether you could be that change agent in your company- Ask yourself these 10 questions.

Do you say, “There has to be better way?

early flight

Is this you?


Are you the only one who gets it?


Are you willing to walk the plank?


Are you the evangelist?


Do you have the conviction?


Do you have the belief?


Are you willing to take the risk?


Are you willing to be wrong?


Do you have the passion?


Be the change agent

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2 thoughts on “Are you the change agent? 10 questions you need to ask yourself

  1. Marc,

    After a few replies on Twitter I went your profile and checked what you do. Impressive stuff man and great post too. I always enjoy motivational posts like this.

    JR Farr

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