How to listen in a bad economy- 67 social media/web/reputation management tools and sites

You know we listen all the time don’t we? We keep telling companies to do it, but sometimes we just leave it at that.  Or even worse, we don’t get specific. well here u go. Here’s the specifics. Here’s a mix of sites, tools and companies that do some kind of listening, monitoring or reputation management  for you. Some are free, some are not, and some are good and some are not, but here they are. I know there might be more but these are the ones that I have found through numerous sources.

1. Google Alerts:

Easy to use and easy to manage


2. Scout Labs A powerful, web-based application that tracks social media and finds signals in the noise to help your team build better products and stronger customer relationships-tag line $100 a month

3. The Search Monitor-Monitor paid search, news, blog and websites is the tag line. Starter at $99 per Month (50 Keywords) They had a demo, but it forces you to fill out a lengthy form and “request” the demo

4. Umbria– One of the most confusing web sites claiming to have a social media monitoring tool or service or is it..

5. Buzzlogic– I’ve heard some buzz about them, but I hate when I have to contact a rep or search for more info and that’s certainly the case with their Insights product.

6. Cymfony– Man, talk about a busy page, there is a lot on this site. Coming from TNS Media, They would be better served with a more user friendly site. 5 areas of interest for me, but again I have to contact a sales rep.

7. Biz360 Opinion Insights  is there consumer-opinion measurement solution that uses technology to capture and interpret vast amounts of customer-opinion data—to deliver insights that lead to better business decisions. But you have to contact them and fill out a big-ole form again.

7. Nielsen Online– formerly Buzz metrics thi site delivers so much data, FREE data as well, I might add, with the ability to pay for other services and products. It’s always a good one to check in with, from time to time.


8. BrandIntel-BrandIntel translates consumer-generated content into predictive consumer insights. You have to request—>fill out a form for a demo, and I have no idea how much it costs, but the site is clean. 🙂

9. DNA13 The global leader for on-demand software for real-time reputation management, dnaEnterprise provides complete visibility into global reputation, request a demo, no pricing…

10. Motivequest– Looks like they do everything in house, so that might not interest you “do it your selfers”

11. Market Sentinel according to their website uses the technology behind the popular website It won its first customers in the technology sectors and now operates in the UK, US and Europe, serving customers in areas like the automotive, pharmaceutical, internet, telecommunications and financial sectors.

12. Converseon They have a  proprietary product called Conversation Miner™  which scours public, online discussion areas – including blogs, newsgroups, social media, and more – to capture, understand and report the issues, opinions and ideas that costumers share between and among themselves. But you have to contact them…

13. Onalytica Is a leading supplier of services that transforms online buzz into actionable intelligence. Through analysis of what is being published and debated online we help some of the world’s most respected brands measure, understand and improve the effectiveness of their MarCom activities, improve their responsiveness and predict the future. Translation: They monitor the conversations about your brand online. The site was pretty bad and had me going in a perpetual loop.

14. BurrellesLuce Media monitoring, media analysis and media measurement.

15. Attentio Look…something tangible! Attentio Brand Maps  launched two months ago. Currently, they have two types of Brand Maps available – correlation maps, that are based on multidimentional scaling (MDS); and segmentation maps, that are based on correspondance analysis (CA). Sorry though, it looks as if it’s for European countries only. 😦

16. Sentiment Metrics With Sentiment Metrics social media measurement dashboard you can monitor and measure social media and gain actionable business intelligence, allowing you to develop more targeted marketing, improve products and increase profits. The skinny: It’s only available in the UK, Though Starting at only £259 a month for single user accounts.

17. CIC China data anyone? The skinny: CIC is the first Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) research and consulting firm in China. To put it simply, they help their clients make sense of the buzz found on blogs, BBS and other IWOM platforms.

18. Media Miser The skinny: Take control of managing your media coverage with MediaMiser Enterprise. MediaMiser Enterprise is a media analysis and public relations measurement solution that shows you how the news is affecting your organization

19. Radian6 Ok, so I’m biased, I know a few folks who work there, the product is easy to use, effective and its inexpensive. Good combo.


20. WaveMetrix Online Buzz research


21. Techrigy SM2 is a software solution designed specifically for PR and Marketing Agencies to monitor and measure social media. Create a free account and get up to 5 Search Words/Phrases, and store up to 1000 results.


22. Keibi Keibi Technologies provides solutions and services for the moderation and classification of user generated content, allowing our customers to safely leverage and better monetize this fast growing medium. FYI They mention they are on Twitter: They are following 2 people and they have 11 followers…

23. Relevant Noise aka Zeta Interactive See what these “citizen journalists” are saying about your brands across social media – and the impact they’re having – in real-time. The skinny: ugly site.

24. Unica Enterprise marketing management software Integrated solution for engaging customers in cross-channel dialogues.

25. Milward Brown Precis They can track and provide analysis from online news sources, blogs and message boards to help clients understand the tonality of online consumer comment and evaluate the success of online communications.

26. Socialmention A  social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and microblogging services


27.  Facebook-Lexicon Facebook Lexicon counts occurrences of words and phrases on Walls over time

28. Lotame Allows brands to build and target customizable consumer audiences.

29. Visible Technologies Provides  strategic solutions supported by proprietary technology and measurable results. Whether it’s building or managing reputations across popular search engines, or helping companies track and participate in influential consumer created content channels, they empower brands to do more online to build their businesses and bottom lines


30. Customscoop Customizable media monitoring technology and analysis solutions in Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Investor Relations and Competitive Intelligence. 2 week free trial..

31. Pythia Analytics internet marketing toolsets designed to track the entire marketing narrative, on- and offline, and measure its effects on a business.

32. Collective Intellect Collects real time market intelligence, providing direct insight into consumer opinions for marketing professionals. Here’s a quote: ”

We can answer any question that marketers and researchers have, and produce the most relevant and actionable intelligence Faster,More Cost-effectively, and with Better Data Purity than any other method.

33. Repumetrix Provides products and services that peruse mainstream media, blogs, chatrooms, message boards, social networks, videos, images and Web sites worldwide to retrieve communications and activities initiated by employees, competitors, consumers, shareholders and interest groups, enabling organizations to pre-empt attacks on corporate reputation, assess competitor moves, monitor industry-specific mergers and acquisitions, or guard intellectual property-WHEW!

34. Blogscope Is an analysis and visualization tool for the  blogosphere  being developed as part of a research project at the University of Toronto. It’s currently tracking over 34.39 million blogs with 696.05 million posts. BlogScope can assist the user in discovering interesting information from these millions of blogs via a set of numerous unique features including popularity curves, identification of information bursts, related terms, and geographical search.

35. Sports Media Challenge Protecting and enriching sports brands, Buzz Manager constantly searches the internet for information about your organization or specific individual subjects. It measures and analyzes the “Buzz,” and then accurately presents the results in time saving, easy-to-use reports. It can even proactively engage conversations to protect your brand before rumors spread.

36. Claim ID ClaimID is the free, easy way to manage your online identity with OpenID.


37.  FindMeOn Instead of collapsing all of your network identities onto one site, FindMeOn helps you manage your circles of friends, family, colleagues and others… respecting the divisions of your real life online.

38. CheckUserNames Find out which social media usernames have already been taken.

39. Garlik Garlik helps people take control of their personal information and protect themselves against identity theft and financial fraud

40. MyOpenID OpenID states “start using the last username and password you’ll ever need.Apparently  myOpenID gets you:: Secure control of your digital identity, Easy sign-in on enabled sites and Account activity reports.

41.  Spyshakers Spyshakers builds  spyware blockers for websites.

42. Naymz– Manage your professional brand.

43. Rapleaf Businesses use Rapleaf’s search service to better understand their customers, learn how their customers use the social web, and offer their customers new and enhanced services.

44. Repvine RepVine allows individuals and companies to collect and display references. The site allows you to see what people say about themselves and what others have to say about them

45. Reputation Defender ReputationDefender’s goal is to search out all information about a person and/or their child on the Internet, wherever it may be, and present it in a clear report. Also, to destroy, on command, all inaccurate, inappropriate, hurtful, and slanderous information about a person and/or their child using proprietary in-house methodology.


46. Boardreader Boardreader is search engine for Forums and Boards

47. Forumfind Find what people like you, think.

48. BigBoards The largest message boards and forums on the web

49. Boardtracker is an innovative forum search engine, message tracking and instant alerts system designed to provide relevant information quickly and efficiently while ensuring you never miss an important forum thread no matter where or when it is posted.

50. Monitor This With Monitor this, you can subscribe to 20 different search engine feeds at the same time. Enter a search term and click the ‘make monitor.opml’ button to get a list of rss feeds in OPML format.

51. Keotag Tag search multiple engines, tag generator and social bookmark links generator. Buzz Monitoring.


52. Comwat Organize your profiles (communities, forums, social networks, blogs etc.) and invite your friends. Decide who you want to show where you’re online. Find new friends or interesting profiles using tags and search terms.

53.  onXiam onXiam is a site that lets you consolidate all of your online identities and easily tie them back to a single point of reference.

54. Profilebuilder Eliminate the need to constantly build profiles on multiple social sites.

55. Profileomat is a shareable profile aggregator that lists all your personal Websites, Social Networks, Blogs, Contact Info, Photo Albums and other Profiles in one profile. Plus: People can leave a message in your profile (this is something between a guestbook and reputation system).

56. Simplifid organizes online networks, screen names, profiles, blogs, bookmarking services and URL’s with unique IDs. Categorize your info for different audiences; one for chat friends, one for business and another for family.

57. Socialurl is a social community platform enabling you to organize your online identities. Connnect to all your social network sites with one URL.

58. Venyo The Venyo Project – to build a free and universal online reputation management tool.A personal reliability index.

59. Zoolit is a shareable Web page that lists all your personal sites. Your Zoolit Landing Page is always current and up to date, providing the world with all of your personal Websites, Social Networks, Blogs, contact info, and Photo and Video Sharing sites.

60. Trackur Online Reputation Monitoring & Social Media Monitoring Tools, If your reputation is being discussed in the social media, Trackur will alert you. 14 day free trial.


61. Backtype Whenever you write a comment on a blog or other website, BackType attributes it to you. It gives your comments a home where they can be discovered, followed and shared. Receive updates whenever a search term is mentioned in a comment – delivered by e-mail (immediately, or in daily or weekly digests), RSS or your Dashboard.

62. Monitter real time Twitter montioring, though it looks more like Twitter on crack.

63. Sideline Here’s Yahoo’s version of Tweedeck. The tag: Watch search and monitor the Twitter public timeline in real time


64.  Filtrbox Monitor your brand and reputation across millions of sources in one place.

65. Watchthatpage is a service that enables you to automatically collect new information from your favorite pages on the Internet. You select which pages to monitor, and WatchThatPage will find which pages have changed, and collect all the new content for you. The new information is presented to you in an email and/or a personal web page

66. Google Trends With Google Trends, you can compare the world’s interest in your favorite topics. Enter up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched on Google over time. Google Trends also shows how frequently your topics have appeared in Google News stories, and in which geographic regions people have searched for them most.

67. Factiva offers a collection of business intelligence and news sources, along with the content delivery and information management tools enterprises need to find and use information more effectively. Factiva’s broad collection of targeted products includes solutions for media monitoring, sales lead generation, taxonomy, and credit risk management.

23 thoughts on “How to listen in a bad economy- 67 social media/web/reputation management tools and sites

  1. Marc,

    I can’t even imagine the time it took you to put this list together! What an awesome resource. And of course, you know we appreciate being included in your list. I’m going to bookmark this and make sure folks see it; really strong resource for people and companies that need to get started monitoring and listening.

    Amber Naslund
    Director of Community | Radian6

  2. This is why Radian is good. The money is where the mouth is. You monitor the buzz. I’m not surprised at all Amber, that you guys were the first ones to the party. Says a lot about your company! And you should point companies to that precise fact. This post was uploaded this morning and no more than 2 hours passed, maybe less before you responded. And THAT is being proactive about your brand!

  3. Hey Marc,

    Thanks for the comprehensive list, although I know there are lots of other so-called “listening” players out there. We sure do appreciate being included in the mix.

    Mike Spataro
    Visible Technologies

  4. Marc,

    Thank you kindly for including us on this impressive resource list! RepuMetrix has been providing online monitoring services for years, and we’d like to let visitors of your blog know about our recently launched online brand and reputation monitoring (ORM) tool called RepuTrack™.

    Thanks again!


  5. Hi Marc,

    You may want to add us to the list. $99/month and demo on the site 🙂


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  7. Cool collection of sites/products/services/companies Marc.

    I followed this space very closely a few years ago when it was in it’s infancy. Before “social media” was the tag du jour. At that point there were 4 strong players – BuzzMetric, Intelliseek, Cymfony and Umbria.

    BuzzMetric & Intelliseek were the industries “Coke & Pepsi” – these two firms merged to form Nielsen Online.

    Cymfony had roots in traditional business news clipping and had crossed over into social media (one of the first to combine traditional media clipping and social media in a single portal.)

    Umbria was the young upstart, but employed some leading experts on Natural Language Processing and lead the industry in implementing certain cutting edge techniques such as age and gender analysis.

    It’s worth mentioning that these 3 players have been at this longer than everyone else on your list. These are the companies used by global brands, the Fortune 500, etc. Their typical engagements start in the $100K range. While each have their own stengths, all three are mining a broad spectrum of social media – not just blogs and twitter, but forums, chat rooms, bulletin boards, customer service sites, etc. Intelliseek (now Nielsen) has been integrating with internal customer service “contact center” data for years, combining it with online data.

    My point is this… your superficial (even dismissive) treatment of the industry giants and founders calls into question your endearing and more detailed descriptions of small unremarkable startups. While I agree that some of these larger companies might be able to improve their websites, but the reality is that they aren’t selling from their websites. This is like comparing the web sites of IBM and 37signals. Very different markets.

    I also admit that there are very different levels of service here. Most PR practitioners won’t be able to afford Nielsen Online, and most won’t need it. A list like yours is overwhelming to someone new to the space, especially when the treatment of very different services is so flat. It would be more helpful if you noted scope, cost, size and typical customer/usage or created some usable classification.

    The reality is that for a small brand, online reputational management requires a very different set of tools that does market research for a Fortune 500 CPG company – some of the tools on you list are appropriate for each.

    I did enjoy your list and found it useful. I just wish you had been a little more objective and informative in your descriptions.


    (I have no affiliation with any of the companies on the list.)

  8. Hi Marc,
    I hate when only us boring COMPANIES comment. I hope to hear from companies and brands what they are enjoying and using right now. But I wanted to clarify for your readers that Scout Labs’ advanced analysis (automated sentiment scoring / trending and all the very cool new NLP-powered features coming up next) only start at $100 for only the first 1000 companies to sign up. We’re getting there faster than we ever anticipated, so if anyone is interested in trying out Scout Labs, do it soon. Thank you for including, us, Marc, in this great list.
    Jennifer Z.
    Scout Labs

  9. Matt, I don’t know who’s more dismissive, some of these sites who may or may not be speaking directly to their customer in marketing their services and products or me. I agree its a broad based list but my goal was to consolidate and aggregate as many as I could. I reviewed as many as possible, when possible.Your points are valid, nonetheless.

  10. I’m a tad more interested in knowing when my websites get copied, or my articles get copied… several of these websites you list are quite good for this purpose.

    Great list – looks like I’ll be spending some time going over these sites, in hopes of finding better resources.


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