I’m worried about the client


It pains you to read what’s going on. You hate watching the news. Prospecting and looking for new clients is becoming more difficult. The clients or prospects you are able to talk with are all giving you the same story.

  • We’re pulling back on spending
  • We’ve had to let people go
  • We are not doing anything this year
  • We plan on doing it in house
  • We have your proposal, we’ll let you know

Sound familiar? So what can you do? Maybe you need to change your focus, change your tact, change the way you are thinking? Perhaps rather than thinking about you and your company, you should think about the company you’re going after and THEIR customer.  Or that companies employees? What can make them more productive? How can they do what they do better? How can they talk to THEIR customers and prospects better? Don’t think of you business process, think of theirs! Think about the client. They need your help, they just might not admit it.

These are not normal times. Thinking in a conventional Web 1.0 manner is not going to get it done.