You get it and I get it, but do they?


In social media circles, we’re all guilty of back slapping and having a good ole’ time hanging with our peeps. But don’t we want to have clients? Of course we do!  But if you get it, and I get it, and we both are always agreeing with each other, has anyone bothered to ask, “Do they get it?”  If we are constantly talking to each other, then a few things are happening.

1) We don’t know if your  prospective clients are there in the room listening

2) They might be too intimidated to ask a question, or scared to ask a dumb question

3) They might not even be there

4) You are talking to people who are of like mind. Peers not potential clients.

Go Find people who don’t understand and who don’t know, but want to. They are the one’s that will benefit the most.

3 thoughts on “You get it and I get it, but do they?

  1. Good point. A few of my coaching clients have experienced this in their businesses. They jumped on the social networking bandwagon and connected with like minded people (fellow small business owners) and spent their time sharing tips etc but not growing their customer / client database.

    One of the recommendations I make is that they use the networking they have undertaken to see who has a business that fits into their customer / client specifics and encourage a partnership, joint venture or referral service of some description. At least this way the social media networking they have undertaken is not hours lost!



  2. Great post. I couldn’t agree more. A friend cornered me last night and asked me what social media sites should he use for his business. I gave him a big “it depends”. I feel like the euphoria over social media has gotten people away from deep listening and primary research.

    Social media may not be for everyone. The hard part is figuring out what is the right medium.

  3. Great post
    Social media benefits from building relationships as a marketing strategy.It goes withou saying that having contact to fellows or marketers has a lot of advantages, but it isn’t the aim of Social media Networking. A markterer shouldn’t forget he is targeting his prospective clients .
    I have pointed out that some of them reveal their marketing strategies through writing to fellows, which is not recommended by Marketing experts.

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