10 quotable quotes from Twitter

People inspire us, at least they do for me. The beauty of that statement is that the platform for inspiration is there to be used for FREE. It’s Twitter. You don’t think so?  Well,  last week I tweeted the following 10 thoughts. They originated from and during conversations or threads of conversations that emanated from Twitter.

Now you might be thinking, “damn, this guy is full of himself.” On the contrary- Actually I see these thoughts on paper, and amazed to a certain degree that came from me! The cool thing is-they came with the help of the brilliant minds of the people I talk with every day in 140 character bursts. Check it out.

  • Relevance is all about adapting, about reinventing ourselves, the brands and the companies we work with. You know who’s good at that? U2
  • I’m wondering if social media allows you to cut to the chase, I’m thinking maybe not.
  • Can the terms value and quality be interlinked? What about value and quantity?
  • You know there’s a distinct possibility that a) U talk 2 less than 10% of your Twitter network & b) Even less are listening 2 u @ any given time
  • Tough to consider ROI when no one has any cash. Perhaps weaving the barter system into the mix might work ROB?
  • I don’t think its about ROI anymore in social media, I think it’s a return on belief, trust and hope..
  • I think a lot of co.’s would love to utilize a lot of the skills that people possess here, but some are wary, and reticent to ask or admit they need help.
  • Coined/used a term today, now i just need to define it…Tangible Relevance…
  • Twitter… there is no right way to use it, but there are plenty of wrong ways to use it…
  • Twitter is a filter for opinionated relevancy

Some of these I restored for the benefit of this post, whereas they were truncated tweets. I look at these and each would actually make good blog post titles. Hmmm.. not a bad idea which emanated from…

4 thoughts on “10 quotable quotes from Twitter

  1. I agree, it’s not about ROI. It is about ROB (return on your Brand messaging). ROB sounded better than ROBM. A lot of people have opinions about social media but know one has the answers.

  2. They are good quotes.

    I totally agree with you that they would probably each make good blog titles and that has given me some great ideas for future posts on my blog.

    Thanks for posting.


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