Twitter Help: 3 Simple Take Away’s.

For those of you who are tired of reading “another” blog post about Twitter, move on. For those of us who realize the power of the platform and want to leverage it as another tool, another means or another way to enhance communications and the relationships that may bubble up from them, Keep reading.

Real quickly, understand this:

With Twitter

1) There is no perfect way to use it.

2) There is no absolute “right” way to use it.

3) There are plenty of wrong ways to use it.

Rather than go into a lengthy discourse on each of these points, lets leave it at this. If the way that you are currently using Twitter is working for you, then I applaud you and for the most part I would not suggest you change anything. Keep it going and keep enjoying it. However, if you are seeing nothing from your foray into Twitter, then perhaps you need to “change what you are doing”.

It’s real simple.

If you are NOT having conversations,  NOT exchanging opinion, NOT having great discussions, or NOT sharing links, and  NOT meeting people and NOT networking and NOT taking 140 characters to the next level-Then you may be using it in the wrong way. What do you think?

So decide right now. Do I want to continue to get nothing out of this? If you want to continue to waste your time and everyone else’s, then keep doing what you are doing. I’m not sure why you would, but hey, we still get SPAM right?

If you want to change the way you are currently using Twitter, there are tons upon tons of solid links on the proper use of it and the benefits associated with it. They are not hard to find, but these should get you going.

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4 thoughts on “Twitter Help: 3 Simple Take Away’s.

  1. good straightforward post. hard to remember that only a tiny fraction of people are on Twtter today while majority are yet to join. This will help someone “get it right” in their head anyway.

  2. Jason don’t forget 11% of online users are currently on Twitter. Dive that number in half and then again and then again, THATS the number of relationships one MIGHT be having on Twitter.

  3. I see.

    By that logic, filmmaker David Lynch [] is using Twitter incorrectly, not to mention the 18,000+ following his broadcast-only quips.

    As you state in #2, there is no right way to use Twitter.

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