Mardi Gras and Social Media


Today is Mardi Gras and given that I’m here in Naples and I’m from New Orleans, I need to do the next best thing. I’m going to compile a list for you. The list is of people that I would want to buy food and drinks for and a short reason why. You see with drinks and food readily available, we could have some killer conversations.   Hell we already do, and there ain’t no food and drinks!!!! 

And isn’t what this all about? Social Media, Mardi Gras, being together sharing, talking, laughing, drinking, eating…So,  laizzes bon temps roulez

Say Hi to…

Mack Collier– great conversation, good person, here’s some beers for you Mack, followed by  a shrimp po-boy…:)


Arik Hanson Loves a good hoppy microbrew, so pull up a chair and crack one open.

Amber Naslund, she can bring it. Between myself, Arik and Amber the beer scene will be covered. I’d have beers with Amber anytime.

I gotta have someone who can bring the crawfish. Ahh Paul Chaney is in Lafayette, he can do it. Plus he’s a great guy. I’d split 15-20 pounds of crawfish with Paul!


This party needs some flavor and maybe I can show David Alston that his Canadian beer is not up to snuff. Molson? ick…:)

I can’t forget some Austin Flavor right? How about Peter Kim, Jack Leblond and Dave Gonzalez? I need to buy all three of these guys beers for their ability to share so much with me, for that, they can drink for free!


What party wouldn’t be complete without some wicked people from the Boston area? Rachel Happe between sips of her Sam Adams, would be a welcome addition. As long as she kept the Red Sox talk to a minimum!

I’d buy a beer for good friend Jason Breed anytime, as long as it was a 2 for 1 special!

Speaking of Jasons why not have Jason Falls? He has an “in” over at Makers Mark! Plus, he’d be a welcome addition to any party.

I better invite George “Loki” WIlliams since he lives in New Orleans
and does write a blog called Social Gumbo!

I’d buy a few beers for David Armano provided he hooked us up with some Chicago dogs.. waddya say Dave? Plus he’s a good dude too. As big a heart as someone can have.

It goes without saying that 3 of my favorite gals would all be getting beers AND shots from me. Beth Harte, Liz Strauss and Toby Bloomberg. If They didn’t want that, then we’ll settle for splittin a Muffeletta from Central Grocery– Trust me you won’ be disappointed. These sandwiches are ridiculous!


I’d also like to have beers with the following: Sonny Gill, Daria Steigman, Ari Herzog, Nathan Taylor, Lisa Trosien and Shannon Paul, Todd Defren, Brian Solis and of course the Yat Pundit! Because they all are great conversationalists and thinkers and even more importantly, better people!

One more rule, You can bring 2 friends. Mardi Gras is all about blowin it bring a friend or 2. Who ya bringin? and Where Yat?

Oh we need someone to do the music, any suggestions?

21 thoughts on “Mardi Gras and Social Media

  1. Hey now, easy on the Canadian beer trash talk. There’s nothing wrong with Molson products. You know that they brew Coors Light up here (that’s one of my faves). We also have Moosehead beer, brewed minutes down the road from me and exported, like Molson, into your neck of the woods.

    Ok all of this talk of good food and beer is making me thirsty. I might just have to crack a wobbly pop, forgive you for your transgressions, and raise a toast to Mardi Gras in your honor 🙂

  2. You want me to complete the party? I’m bringing Beth Harte and Stuart Foster. Both great people and both I’m sure can throw back a few 😉

    Look forward to when we can kick back a few, Marc!

  3. No worries. I’m on the crawfish finding trail. I’ll also stop and pick up some Abita. That’ll put the quash on any suggestion that Canadian beer is even drinkable compared to Louisiana made brew. 🙂

    And, yes, I know it’s Ash Wednesday and Mardi Gras is officially over, but I’m not Catholic so the game is still on!

  4. I’m inviting Jason Calacanis and Pete Cashmore so their Mahalo and Mashable companies can sponsor the party and the airfare to bring everyone together!

  5. I’m the late kid to the party, as usual. But not only would I have beers with you, I’d love to get this whole crew in the same geographic location and knock back a few.

    As for who I’d invite, I have far more than two that I’d love to bring, so suffice it to say that I’d be delighted to be in the company of such fun loving people. And beer. 🙂

    Amber “not named after a beer for nothing” Naslund

  6. I don’t think there’s enough Bells Beer in all of Michigan to take on this motley bunch. That said, I’m more than willing to give it a shot. SOBCon09 anyone? BlogPotomac? Just let me know when and where and I’ll show up with a case of Hopslam!



  7. Now *that* is an awesome list of people that I’d totally go to a Mardi Gras party with!! Author included! 🙂

    When is someone going to have a conference in NOLA anyways? I mean, I’d go, wouldn’t you?

  8. Yowza when you throw a party, you really throw a party, Marc! Would love to get that collection of fantabulous people together, hopefully we can bring most/all of us together for SXSW?

  9. @Arik, We need to look at those dates.

    @Lucretia Seriously NOLA needs to get off it’s tukus and get it going, maybe there’s an interactive during jazz fest?

    @Mack hope to see you at SXSW, provided the winds blow correctly for me.. Good times…I’m hopin for.

  10. Love me some NOLA!! BIG Time! I have fond memories of eating a muffaletta at the Central Grocery counter. So it’s amazingly appropriate that you should list me with it. Yummy! But perhaps it’s because you’ve seen all the ‘hinting’ to my NOLA buddies (ahem, @YatPundit & @TomMartin, yes you…) that I’d love to have another?! But alas. I wait and wait. 😉 (KIDDING!)

    Marc, this is great fun…and like Lucretia said, I can’t think of a better bunch to be hanging with for Mardi Gras!

    I’d also like to bring along Geoff Livingston (because a Philly homeboy needs to try the alternative to a hoagie just once! If he hasn’t already…)

    Have a great weekend,
    Beth, I want a beer now, Harte

  11. Whoa I need another stomach for my 4th po-boy…
    and some beads… anyone got more beads?

    Marc thanks for including me in this post. what a treat!

    You and the other folks on here are the coolest.

    All my best,

  12. Well as Beth has now hinted publicly that she needs a muffaletta I guess I’d like to ask to join this merry club and I’ll bring food for Beth and my best 175 Mardi Gras pics from this year. 😉

  13. Hey, I only just stumbled across this [I got home for Carnival and got viral pneumonia, was on bed rest for almost six weeks.]

    Thanks for the compliment of adding me to your list! If you ever find yourself in Cincy, or in NOLA around Carnival of the Katrina Anniversary, let me know. First round is on me.

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