Do You Hulu?

In their quest to reduce the amount of what little reading people do, News Corp. and NBC launched “YouTube Killer,” Hulu, in beta Monday. While the site has been in development for months and suffered much criticism, it is finally finding some friends in the interactive world.”The technology they’ve put together on this short notice is not only adequate, it’s also better than most of what else is out there,” said James McQuivey, a TV and media technology analyst for Forrester Research. “I think they have moved a couple of steps forward compared to their competitors in the industry.”

According to the Associated Press, users can watch content from News Corp., NBC, and more limited content from Sony and MGM for free on or partner sites such as AOL, Myspace and Yahoo!

“When you aggregate great content together, it makes things easier for the user,” said Hulu chief executive Jason Kilar.

Great news for librarians, Barnes & Noble and Borders, don’t you think? Soon we will be a content starved nation craving videos of anything! The final version should be out in a few months

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  1. I love the idea of Hulu, however it’s only available in the US. Hopefully the final version will be accessible to everyone.

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