What Can P90X Teach Us About Social Digital Principles?

In case you may be living under a rock and do not know what P90X is, it’s currently the media darling of the fitness world. It’s a fitness program encapsulated on DVD in which it stresses 3 simple core principles into it’s workout regime. The core principles are grounded in intensity, variety and consistency.

So I thought, can we make a correlation between P90X and social? Or marketing either online or offline?

The answer is absolutely. Let’s take a quick look.

First, I did a search on Intensity and pulled these colloquial terms:

All of them make sense, but when I think of intensity in digital/social media marketing, I think of focus.

Next up is Variety, which would seemingly fly in the face of focus, but not necessarily. To me, variety means keeping things fresh, not only from a marketing standpoint but also from the standpoint of giving you and your employees and your customers, a reason to come to work, do the work and buy the work. Variety is a two way street.

Lastly we have one of the four pillars of life in my opinion. Consistency. Do you want to succeed? Do you want to win? Do you want to overcome? It’s all about reps. Being consistent with your routine, with your messaging, with your offers, with your conversations, with your content, with your employees and most importantly with your customers. In sports, we marvel at how good it appears that some athletes are-we don’t realize how hard they practiced and worked in order to be consistent.

What principles guide you?

2 thoughts on “What Can P90X Teach Us About Social Digital Principles?

  1. I love your translation of the principles of P90X into social media marketing. I see so many people in social media (and of course fitness) start and stop, start and stop. The results come with consistency and part of staying consistent is to have variety. And, you’re right about not trying to do all the social media out there. Rock on!

  2. I wanted to focus on the topic of consistancy. By far, this element seperates the winners from the loosers in a direct mail campaign. It is not unusual to see clients new to this media be surprised when they don’t pull a 20% response rate out of the gate. With a good, qualified list, and a great offer, you will get responses and new customers. You keep testing your offer to up your response rate but you HAVE TO KEEP MAILING in order to maintain success.

    Mark Ryan

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