The Dark Side of Viral Content

Black to beat Bieber for YouTube’s most hated…

via Know Your Meme

This is your brain on Rebecca Black.

Tween sensation Rebecca Black will see her parent-financed video “Friday” beat Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for most disliked YouTube video within the next few days, if not hours, reports ReadWriteWeb. It’s an exciting, yet unsurprising development for the 13-year-old sensation whose Auto-Tuned masterpiece of mediocrity became the cool thing to hate on the Internet barely two weeks earlier.

While mainstream media critics, including this one, contend that “Friday” rates about as high on the Lame-O-Meter as pretty much everything else in current popular culture (with the exception of insanely overlooked NBC sitcom “Community” which is GENIUS), the Internet begs to differ.


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