Will Color be the NBT in social? Or will it fade?

Think fast!

Find someone. Take pictures together.
Party. Play date. Lunch?

Simultaneously use multiple iPhones and Androids to capture photos, videos, and conversations into a group album. There’s no attaching, uploading, or friending to do. Share together in a new, moving social network. Just look around.


You may have no idea what I’m talking about. yet. Color is a photo sharing/social network app  launched last week, and it was  not a quiet launch either. Mostly because of the massive funding ($41 million), and a complete lack of documentation about how people should actually use the app. Count me as one of those still somewhat in the dark…

I loaded it, opened it, saw that I must upload my pic, no other instructions after that. I messed with it for about 10 minutes. Closed it and thought-$41 million huh? Did someone leak Color too soon? Is bad buzz better than no buzz? Do they even care what we think? Why launch an app like that w/o even some cryptic, requisite instruction on how this is supposed to change out social being? I agree that mobile photo sharing is definitely a route worth pursuing, but I’m still sitting here wondering what the business application could possibly be.

But let’s dig. So if it’s mobile social photo sharing, then, for instance we could pull the photos of specific events all  into one bucket w/o a lot of the fat right? We can see what everyone is seeing from that event, from different perspectives and vantage points right? That’s kind of cool. I’ll keep playing with it but as of this writing, I have rose-colored glasses. 🙂

If this is supposed to be the “Next Facebook,” I’d say they have a long way to go. Which reminds me, how is Diaspora and it’s quest to being the NBT in social coming along?

4 thoughts on “Will Color be the NBT in social? Or will it fade?

  1. I think their investment was made primarily because they liked the team….

  2. Marc

    Totally agree. I even watched the TV interviews with the founder and still didn’t quite get it. Looks like he’s hoping smart folks like you will figure out how to apply the technology, which COULD be kind of cool in certain applications like events and multiple vantage points…

    It will be interesting to see if it catches on but honestly, I’m thinking the “anyone who’s also on color can see pics” angle is going to scare the shit out of folks and adoption will be low. Those that do adopt will, like you, abandon (if you weren’t a socme guru) it much like they do Twitter.

    Onboarding new technology has to be easy for non-early adopters…else they move on to the next shining object that they heard about on the news or Today show.


  3. @Tom, Hard to say whether it’s the NBT, but I was going to say that it’s tough not to be somewhat successful with 41 million, but we both know better. 🙂

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