Corning Creates an Impactful and Viral Video

Watch this video from Corning. When I first saw it, I was amazed at what was possible with glass and then what caught my eye was the number of views-5.8 million views in less than one month. This is isn’t a funny video. It’s not scandalous or malicious or of someone getting hurt. It’s simply about the many uses of glass. Something to ponder the next time your company wants to create a video. Was it Corning’s intention that it garner close to 6 million views, 14,000 likes and almost 3,000 comments? I don’t think so…


5 thoughts on “Corning Creates an Impactful and Viral Video

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  2. Hi Marc,

    That was just unbelievably awesome. Given the speed of technological innovation, some of this is pretty close to here now. (Oh, and I want that gadget-cool house!).

  3. @ Daria, sorry for the delay, but I agree, it was just pure amazing to watch..I wonder the costs were and the number of takes it took?

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