Old Spice takes social media marketing to another level

Brilliant, real time, impactful, measurable, social media marketing. The Old Spice Man shot YouTube videos in response to people’s Tweets. Those people consisted of some people I know like Jason Peck, Lucretia Pruitt and other we all know like Kevin Rose, actress Alyssa Milano, Justin Bateman, and Apollo Ohno who also retweeted the videos.

He’s done over a 100 thus far and the effect has been nothing short of Viral Nirvana. A Mashup of traditional media, YouTube and Twitter-Love it!. Old Spice had already elevated the brand to historic viral levels because of their TV spots, but now they create this? It’s brilliant. Give props to Wieden+Kennedy and the shirtless Old Spice Guy of course!

Here’s a quick glimpse of some of the videos responses to tweets from notable people and organizations.

2 thoughts on “Old Spice takes social media marketing to another level

  1. It’s a great stunt but is it true social media? After all, while it has been personalised, it doesn’t seem to be an ongoing conversation – and did they miss a trick by not including a buy it now button?

    I’ve been posting along these lines at http://bit.ly/9whkNL and would love to know what others think.

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