There is no point in using Twitter for your business. Wait, Yes there is…

Given some recent Twitter data that shows that most people don’t actually “use” Twitter-Why in the hell should we sit here and tell SMB’s to use Twitter to listen, to monitor and “be” where there customers are when a) Their customers might not be on there, b) They don’t have time to use it and c) Those customers or competitors that might be using it are using it wrong and d) There is essentially nothing there. So chances are, you may not see the point in using Twitter and I don’t blame you.

I can excuse SMB’s for claiming that they don’t have time, because I know of all of the things that sit on their plate, but to be honest, I can also see why they might be skeptical to use Twitter. Turn it on- and it looks like a sea of useless information.

I have a suggestion though and I have a reason why things are the way they are.

If Twitter is not working the way you want it to or expect it to, or in the way you were told it would work…

Change it.

If you’re looking at the state of the Twittersphere in your local area and it truly is pathetic, and it’s giving you cause to think that maybe it’s not worth your time.

Change it.

Be proactive. You start the conversations! Why no be the one to lead and to “make it work”?  You may have to add hashtags that matter. You may have to do more than just pimp your stuff.  But if  you were expecting to “turn on” Twitter and see this wellspring of opportunities and conversations and companies and customers talking about your company-Guess what? It still may be too soon. It may have to start with you. You may have to be the early adopter because there are just not a lot of people using it in your area or wrapped around your business, your product, and your company.

You may not have a choice. But that does not mean that Twitter does not “work”. You just have to work a little.

5 thoughts on “There is no point in using Twitter for your business. Wait, Yes there is…

  1. I couldn’t agree more. There are so many things that can be done with the API that if you can imagine it, chances are it can be done. My favorite part of a day lately is working with clients and developers to create solutions that make sense for their needs and enable them to feel more connected to their desired audiences. But beyond that, the unforeseen benefits of developing new audiences and conversations is even more exciting.

    Thanks Marc!


  2. I agree with you but before a company does what you suggesting I would recommend researching the twitter and audience in order to make sure you are on the right track

  3. Normally I wouldn’t approve or respond to link bait but your advice, though somewhat accurate, doesn’t fit what I was implying.

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