so you think all social media relationships work?

so there’s this “social media” guy. he’s very influential or seemingly so and everyone seems to know him and like him. except me. i don’t like him, but i have a legitimate reason. i asked him to do something for me and he agreed to do it, but getting him to lift a finger was very difficult. i was getting rock star attitude coupled with “i’m really busy” bullshit.

i pressed him to get off his ass and he pushed back.

i apologized (1) since i was asking him to do something for me. i apologized (2) some more and blamed it on crossed wires when communicating. it never got any better. i got more rock star attitude.

i apologized (3) one more time and not only did it not get better, but the project was a complete bust because he decided to just suck at it. he mailed his effort in. nevertheless, after all was said and done, i thanked him and apologized once more via twitter(4) and even via email (5)

since then, i’ve continued to try and reach out to him casually from time to time to see indirectly if all has been forgiven or forgotten, and have been acknowledged zero times; and thus, have come to realize that with some people it is just not meant to be. i’m sure he’s a great person and by all intents and purposes, he appears to be and if he got to know me, he’d learn that i’m not so bad either-but i guess neither one of us will ever find out.

you see, not every social media connection or relationship results in this beautiful harmonious situation. some of them suck and some just don’t work.

at the end of the day, we’re still square pegs running around with round holes…