And you thought all you had to do was create a Twitter and Facebook account?

Do You Have The Chops To Be A Social Engagement Director?

I was recently contacted by a recruiter who sent me the following job description.

The Social Engagement Director will be accountable for developing and leading community and social networking initiatives for all Business Units. This includes:

  • Building strategies and programs that are designed to help the BUs build greater customer engagement. The Social Engagement will represent the BUs social commerce needs within the Online Business Unit, structuring programs internally, and externally via the community, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube and the wider blogosphere.
  • Along with managing BU initiatives, the Social Engagement Manager will also help ensure that all social programs are coordinated and structured to deliver maximum benefit to the enterprise.

Specific responsibilities that will fall under the Social Engagement Managers’ areas of responsibility.
• Lead initiatives to develop specific social programs that align with BU business objectives
• Evaluate initiatives and provide strategies and support to the BUs
• Work with Marketing and paid media to ensure alignment and to coordinate seasonal and special promotions
• Establish and track measures to ensure business objectives are met and adequate returns can be verified; determine which programs are working and which aren’t.
• Proved day to day support for the BUs to ensure that they are building dialog with customers that drive engagement and loyalty including content development and promotions


  • Build social media programs for BUs.
  • Work with BU teams to ensure that they are engaged directly with customers
  • Structure social media programs: BU blogs, forums and ask and answer programs
  • Ensure that Customer Service and Home Services are engaged in answering customer issues or questions for BUs
  • Deliver customer insights on behalf of the BUs through surveys, polls and other forms of feedback
  • Consult on improvements and ensure customer insights are synthesized and operationalized within the BU
  • Guide constructive conversation and debate
  • Escalate member/customer problems and gain swift resolution
  • Respond to all customer service inquiries that Vendor can not resolve externally
  • Respond to member concerns/ inquiries presented online and within the community and triage issues to drive resolution through the appropriate internal customer service channels
  • Promotions. Work internally to help develop offers/incentives and viral programs that can be shared within the community or on other social sites like Facebook or Twitter etc..
  • Team with Marketing and vendors to administer the back-end of promotional programs
  • Recognition
  • Oversee the simple thanks program or other rewards/loyalty programs
  • Team with Vendor to administer the reputation system
  • Establish acquisition, activation and engagement targets
  • Complete weekly reporting on acquisition and activation trends
  • Work to report monthly on social activity and trends
  • Work to develop viral marketing plan and maintain presence on social networks including: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others


  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Outgoing
  • Excellent follow-up and organizational skills
  • Knowledge and use of social networks and platforms
  • Understanding of  customer profile

So… do you think you are up to the task? If so, I’ll send you the link. 🙂

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  1. Marc, I want to thank you again for your generosity in helping me acquire a Google Wave Invite. I really appreciate this opportunity “to learn from the ground-up.”

    I’m also intrigued by the opportunity you’ve listed here and would like to learn more. When you have a spare moment, please send me the link you refer to in your post.

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