When the tweet doesn’t live up to the hype


What do you, what can you do? You click on a compelling tweet with a link and it brings you to a lame blog post or just bad content. You took the link bait. What do you do? You read it and you say to yourself this is bullshit. It has a lot to do with credibility going forward doesn’t it? You feel like a sucker.

Trust? Your trust of who sent the link is diminished. Your skepticism for any subsequent posts is raised and the likelihood of ever going back to that blog and or to even follow that Tweeter is in jeopardy. So is this you? Are you the offender? If it is, here is one piece of advice. We’re not that stupid.

Don’t play us.

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2 thoughts on “When the tweet doesn’t live up to the hype

  1. Agree. I suspect that the people who worry about credibility the most do this sort of thing the least – which is a good sign. When I read this, I immediately thought you were talking about me.

  2. Yep your correct there is nothing worse than those taking the link bait! I agree that people who worry about credibility – will do this the least … and any company that has such links has no credibility, and is not serious about the status there company represents on the Internet.

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