Twitter 101 is good but…

This week Twitter released Twitter 101-Best Practices for Businesses on Twitter and while it is a great site/primer on the how and whys of twitter- we’re still missing a fundamental component that escapes most first time users.

This is the entry page to Twitter


The link for Twitter 101 is buried in the footer. A lot of people work on this premise: Ready, Fire, Aim. And this UI, now going on 3+ years needs to be retired. Now granted the notion could be, “we may complicate matters by displaying the Twitter 101 link prominently”..thus losing people who inherently sign up and register on anything that smells of  a social network. But let’s be honest, the only sight I know of where less is more is…

google_logo2It’s time for Twitter to grow up, you’re not the cool little startup anymore. I know you’re having scalability issues and you’re the darling of mainstream media. All good problems to have but…You do want to make money at some point, right? Well it starts with a first impression. So although Twitter 101 is a step in the right direction, it’s not a landing page.

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