A sense of responsibility in a transparent environment


As I was walking out the door yesterday, I still had the news on when I had heard that Jack Kemp had passed away. I always liked Jack Kemp, and not so much because of his politics, but mainly because he was a former athlete turned politician. You see, he could have easily walked away and had a wonderful life as a “former athlete/pro football player”, yet he decided to pursue the not so always friendly environment of politics. I can dig that.

Some athletes, not all, have the unique perspective of understanding what its like to have their every move watched, scrutinized and questioned-and Jack Kemp was not exempt. Which leads me to the title of this blog post. It is pulled from something he said:

Football gives you a sense of responsibility in a transparent environment…

Shouldn’t we all have a sense of responsibility with the way we engage in the the transparent environment that is social media? The way we converse, create, share and exchange all things?

We should. But not all of us do…