Twitter angst redux-10 reasons why people bail on Twitter


According to a recent article by Nielsen Online, more than 60 percent of U.S. Twitter users fail to return the following month. Or Twitter’s audience retention rate is currently about 40 percent. If this surprises you, then perhaps you have not been using Twitter the “right ” way either. Yea, I know I have said on numerous occasions and to more people than I care to count, that although there are many ways to use Twitter, there is no clear cut right way to use Twitter. However, there are indeed, wrong ways to use Twitter. If you use Twitter the wrong way, I guarantee you, you will walk before the month is out, dissing it as the door hits you in the ass…

This is only part of the reason why 60% of Twitter users do not return. But in a nutshell, it boils down to ten distinct reasons why people do not return:

-By using Twitter incorrectly, people fail to see the value of Twitter. If you can’t see the reason to do something, then why hang around? We’re an impatient society, wanting everything now, Twitter isn’t about the quick hit.

-By using it as a one way communication mechanism, as if it was an email blast, people fail to see the return on their efforts.

-By not engaging in conversations with people on Twitter- you cannot possibly understand the value.

-If people new to Twitter think it’s about the number of followers or the number of  people you follow, then they are failing to see what the true purpose of Twitter is.

-If people new to Twitter have never been educated on how Twitter can be used, then they may never understand how to use Twitter.

-If someone thinks that Twitter is a race, then after one month, they will never return. Twitter is a marathon/long distance race.

-Twitter requires effort. Some people are lazy. Some assume just by signing up that that might be enough, when they cannot see the value right away, they will bolt.

-Without any type of proper education or instruction-everything seems foreign and impossible.

-If taught to use Twitter the wrong way, Twitter people will push back, met with resistance, N00bs will bail.

So although it may surprise some that the numbers of people jumping ship so early on in their Twitter experience is so high, when you think about it. It makes perfect sense. The key or trick is, If we show people the way twitter should be used, that number will go down as the numbers of people still joining continues to go up.

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