Social Media is the Platform for Bad Relationships too…


There are people out there, that don’t like you. I know,  shocking isn’t it? For some of you, it might be. In social media we talk about,  and write even more about  how social media creates these magical relationships  of synergy, business alliances, and friendships. But what people rarely talk about, are the relationships that have originated from social networking-that have gone sour.

On the Today Show recently they did a segment about “friending” people on Facebook. And you don’t have to look too hard to find blog posts  about people who have written about breaking up via Facebook.

As you should know by now, relationships that are played out through social media channels take on another dynamic. There are many layers. The most prominent layer now being that all aspects of it, are out there for all to see. Warts and all. Sometimes I wonder if part of us wants everyone else to see whats going on. Of course we can  “choose” to make it or take it private, but a lot of us don’t. We want others, should things take a turn for the worse, to participate in the drama. We want people to choose sides.

What I’m talking about above  are truly personal relationships. But what of.. the business relationships that have occurred from social networking? Or the blossoming relationship? What are the business rules for that? What if your paths cross with many of the same people and your relationship with one of them has just turned sour? What do you do?

How are you going to play it?

Better start thinking about it.

I know I am, because it’s happening to me.

5 thoughts on “Social Media is the Platform for Bad Relationships too…

  1. Marc, you’re not alone. This – I assure you. I think all of us suffer from this situation in one way or another.

    Social media (or more specifically social networking) is a very interesting thing. One thing that I observed about being on the internet, things that we don’t usually discover about a person in face-to-face meetings… strangely, it becomes so easily visible. I am dead sure it’s got nothing to do with whether we are communicating through SMS, MSN, emails or in real.

    So much so for the “social” aspect in social media, it does surface the individual personalities (read: hidden motives). And why wouldn’t I be surprised when “social media experts” are encouraging and preaching “listening to only the good news”?

    There’s a ton of reasons why I refrain from meeting most bloggers upfront – OBSERVATION! I prefer sincerity, and not having to force myself to fake a smile.

  2. Naturally if we’re making friends someplace we can also find those who don’t like us there. In this way social media is just like any physical place of interaction.
    As for business relationships going sour online, it would be my hope that people would handle it quietly and professionally. I guess I am hoping that in this way too social media will just be like our interactions in physical locations. Being negatively outspoken out your peers in the business community reflects poorly on you and your company. This ought to be the established order online as well.

  3. @Ed, great points, I often wonder why everyone spends so much time talking about the “good stuff’ and engaging in back slapping nods of approval..maybe they are afraid of talking about some of the aspects that actually reflect every day life…?

    @LadyVoip I’m just finding it tough to see this person “on” at the same time as them, and we both dance around each other being sure as not to “say” anything to each other. though I have managed to apologize to this person half a dozen times. Though, still wondering to myself, what it exactly it was that I have done.

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  5. I manage it by having two facebook profiles…my personal one and my professional one. In an ideal world, the two don’t overlap.

    One of the best ways for dealing with people who don’t like you is to thank them for their input. It takes two to fight…and quite frankly, my energies are better spent elsewhere. 🙂


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