The Sweet Spot of Social Media

sweet spot is a spot where a combination of factors suggest a particularly suitable solution. On a racquet or baseball bat, it’s the ideal spot you want to hit the ball. It’s the spot where you have a confluence of things that all align into harmony at once. Below is diagram that defines what I think is the sweet spot for social media.


2 thoughts on “The Sweet Spot of Social Media

  1. Hi Marc,

    I like your diagram a lot, but I’m wondering if solid people and quality relationships are somewhat one and the same here. Can you have quality relationships with people you don’t think have something to offer you?

    I’m thinking that perhaps my three circles would be quality relationships, valuable conversations, and new discoveries. The last isn’t quite phrased right yet, but I think the missing element for me in your diagram is the knowledge transfer/food for thought piece.

    Okay, enough random thoughts for one day!


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