Should a small business owner care about Social media?

Every day I can either get my bad news from the nightly news, the internet, print publications or the radio. In fact, my new job or position is a direct result of what is happening globally, nationally and locally. We all know of all the massive lay-offs and closings, but what of the trickle down to the small business owners?  How can they keep it going?  What tools could they use?  What tactics can they employ? Is social media a viable option? Should they be using it, trying it?

Jennifer Leggio a few weeks ago, had written about a recent survey that showed that 55 percent of 120 surveyed small business owners believe that online social networking — such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook — can be beneficial to their businesses.

Only 55% believed it could benefit? So the other 45% think it won’t? Let me ask you, who do you think will succeed?

Ok lets try this: I go up to the SMB and I give you 2 doors. Behind door number one is every possible tool you could want that might drive traffic to your business or your site. Behind door number two, are only the tools that have worked in the past. Which would you choose?

My question to the small business owner? Why wouldn’t you try everything right now? Including social media? What is your reason for not trying it? The Risk?


5 thoughts on “Should a small business owner care about Social media?

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  4. Marc,

    I couldn’t agree more with use of social media and growing your business. I think the biggest reason that people don’t use it is because of the overwhelming nature of social media. It is bigger and broader than every before. The opportunity to educate people on how to use social media effectively is going to be more and more necessary. There i probably a small percentage of people that think facebook, twitter and the like are for kids as well. Enjoyed the post.

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