Apologies to the social media community

Here’s the thing, yesterday I posted a snarky, bitter, pessimistic post about how I didn’t want to talk about marketing in a bad economy using social media. And that was wrong. really wrong. In fact you know sometimes when you think you nailed a post and you feel all happy and proud. Well I actually did feel that way yesterday, and man that was wrong too. I used the wrong language, the wrong approach and the wrong forum. I even engaged some of my peers in the social media community on Twitter to read my greatest latest post. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I’m so very sorry.

You see the deal is we need to fail forward right now. we need to try anything and everything right now and we need to share it, we need to keep trying and tweaking how we utilize social media marketing in a bad economy. Its funny, all it took was a simple question for me to see the light and to that I want to thank Jim  Storer of Mzinga for asking me-“Do you want us to wait till it’s figured out before using social media”? Touche Jim, and thanks for helping me see the light. I also want to apologize to Adam Cohen. I value Adams opinion and went to him like a proud puppy happy because of the crap I just produced. I’m sorry Adam, that was not something I should have shown you. It was poorly written, and It ignored the spirirt of social media and social media marketing. The spirit to try and communicate and take chances and be willing to share those experiences with the community. If we preach about the conversation, and about being transparent and authentic- in a bad economy you do ALL of that and more, and you keep trying and you listen. In my previous post, I basically said, stop listening.  and that couldn’t be more wrong. We need to be listening now, more than ever before. And that my friends is how we use social media marketing in a bad economy.

12 thoughts on “Apologies to the social media community

  1. I think it’s really valuable for us to see your thought process here. The doubts you raised in your previous post may be wrong, but they’re still important…and you’re not the only one wondering about the role social media will play in this economy.

    Thank you for pointing out the flaw in thinking that this is the wrong time to experiment. I come from the association community, and I strongly believe that if we wait for a definitive answer or a more stable economy, the changes we need will come too little, too late.

  2. @Lindy thank you, I agree now is not the time to be waiting for answers or the best way or best practices, when the dust settles then we can look back, but right now we have to try everything, it might have been an empty canvass prior to this, but now it’s just a canvass with a white base-

  3. Marc, thanks for keeping it real. While your previous post may have been pessimistic, it did register with me and validated something that I was already feeling, that we really need to prove social media marketing works! So, all was not lost. We all learned something.

    BTW, I’m starting a wiki to catalog social media marketing successes, failures and case studies. In part, I’m doing it as research for a new book that will be published in 09 on this subject, but that’s only part of the reason. Mainly, I feel we need a bible where SMM stories can be housed.

  4. Hi Marc – Nice post, although I don’t know if you really need to apologize? As Lindy mentioned, it’s a journey for all of us… and we’re just at the beginning.

    Keep exploring – I like your style.

    Jim | @jstorerj

  5. Thanks for sharing that. I’ve heard your post from conversationalmediamarketing.com

    I used to be one of the person who disagree with social media before. Recently, I just open myself to it again because of the change in the internet marketing and it’s getting tougher to be success by solely depending on traditional ways to blog.

    Great post! thanks for the share 🙂

  6. Recession begins as a state of mind that gets pushed on us by the media so they can get better ratings and sell more advertising. The more we can communicate without the “shock value” filter of the media the faster we can work our way out of this.

    Tom Kelly
    CRM Review

  7. @Jim I know it’s a journey it’s just one that is been wrought with challenges that keep testing me, testing all of us I suppose. I’m having these moments of frustration that I may be sharing that isn’t fair to others.


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