Hey, is my nose bleeding?

Humility tends to be in short suppply these days. I suppose after reading and writing about the importance of relationships, ego traps and hero worshipping yesterday that I might have at least learned something or had taken my own advice to heart. Something. Anything. It’s as if I just tuned out.

Yep, in the course of ohhh say 24 hours, I have been knocked down to size and humbled by one client. I was told I was not assertive enough by another would be client that I had been working with, who in hind sight wanted me to be more agressive and forcefull. And lastly, I had another potential client essentially tell me to give them what they had asked for and not what I suggested they need. All in less than 24 hours!

Hell, I even wrote a blog post titled, “Serve me what I want, not what you think I need”.  Talk about doubting yourself! What has this taught me? Alot.  Below are 10 points with associated posts that I need to always keep in mind and maybe you should too!

  1. The client will always be right. Always. Even if they’re not.
  2. You might be right, but the client doesn’t know you well enough to give you the business.
  3. You have to build trust incrementally.
  4. Assume nothing.
  5. Sometimes you just need to shut up.
  6. You are not as good as you think you are.
  7. There will always be someone who can do it better.
  8. Never underestimate the client.
  9. Always temper your actions with humility.
  10. Don’t forget where you came from.


4 thoughts on “Hey, is my nose bleeding?

  1. Wow sounds like quite a day… well, those days are good cuz they remind us who we are, where we want to be with biz and life, and what type of clients we want to work with.

    Don’t forget… those same rules apply to ur client. There is a big world out there with many slices of business perspectives… look for that slice of business with the perspective similar to yours… business men and women who will appreciate and respect you, your talents, your skills, your sincerity, your genuine approach to business is appreciated and there is someone out there right now who is also wishing he or she could find someone to work with just like you!

  2. Points 1, 6 and 20 seem self-degrading and subservient. Even for a forty-odd year old such as myself. No need to dumb-down the sense of self worth nor tone down the projection thereof, to satisfy a client who acts like an imbecile or who demonstrates inferior intellect. Simply provide facts in aq polite and dignified manner. Granted, you may be an authority on DM / SM, but as as educated adult, I am not that desperate for revenue as to “condescend to myself” if you will. I have my dignity, common sense; sense of self worth and my savings, so I’d rather risk being frank and lose my job – I’m financially robust and employable enough. I’m proud of “where I came from”; I AM “as good as I think I am” and the client is not always right, neither do I need to pander to him or her as such. Perhaps its just a British thing. Recognising your limitations is fine, but as far as humility is concerned: I reserve humility for more profound occasions.

  3. Amendment to last comment: typo: “point 20”. Should read: “point 10”. Thank you.

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