26 people you could trust in the social media space.

In the second part of my series of trust in social media, I thought it might be a good thing to mention and highlite 26 people in the social media/marketing space whose thoughts I appreciate and whose knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge I value. I also thought it more important that it should be a list of people who would do their best to be a straight shooter, tell the truth, and give you what you need, not what they want you to have. Big Difference.

If I were you and you were either looking for that list of people whos blogs and companies that you could refer to on a daily basis or just starting out in trying to understand what social media is as it pertains to marketing, then this list is a good start. Not all of them swim in social media waters only, but it is still a very strong list for you to work off of.

  1. Scott Monty
  2. Stowe Boyd
  3. Chris Brogan
  4. Jeremiah Owyang
  5. Rohit Bhargava
  6. Charlene Li
  7. Phil Gomes
  8. Shel Israel
  9. Lee Odden
  10. Steve Rubel
  11. Valeria Maltoni
  12. Brian Solis
  13. B.L. Ochman
  14. Toby Bloomberg
  15. Drew McLellan
  16. MIke Sansone
  17. Seth Godin
  18. Geoff Livingston
  19. Maggie Fox
  20. Becky Carroll
  21. David Armano
  22. Joseph Jaffe
  23. Mack Collier
  24. Guy Kawasaki
  25. Gavin Heaton
  26. Rachel Happe

So who do you trust? Who’s words do you take to heart and try to apply to your businesses? Who motivates you to no end?

20 thoughts on “26 people you could trust in the social media space.

  1. Hey Marc,

    Thanks for including me on your list. I figure it’s in no particular order, but just the same, I’m glad to be top-of-mind when it comes to trust. That’s a currency that is extremely valuable.


  2. @Greg Please expound. i would love to hear first person accounts on why. I’m sure CC would love to hear why as well as our readers.


  3. @Jeremiah, I do not use the term loosely but I use it in the context of I need to trust and believe and apply and understand what you write and tell people. Without trust, what do I have to work with? You bring a sense of earnestness to what you do and you share without expecting payback.



  4. @Scott, you’re right, it’s in no particular order but.. nevertheless, I chose the list from a criteria that would rival the Power 150. With that being said, I hope your new gig at Ford goes swimmingly well. I trade in the currency of trust, lightly.


  5. Wow – I’m honored to be on your list and glad that you find me to be a straight shooter. What I strive for is to illuminate issues in a way that makes them easier to understand and address or provide a unique perspective.

    I would have to include Beth Kanter and Bill Johnston in my group of enterprise social media experts.

    Thanks for including me Marc!

  6. Holy cats. : ) Thanks so much for being part of the Twebinar experience today, and this feels like an added bonus. I’m grateful to be part of a gang that includes the folks above.

    I second the nomination for C.C. Chapman. He’s been around for quite some time, including being one of the top podcasters for Podshow back in the day, for being a founding partner of Crayon, before moving on to form The Advanced Guard. C.C. has community in his veins, and has been a fixture of PodCamp and other social events since forever.

    I like Rachel’s recommendation of Beth Kanter, too. She’s been helping nonprofits understand technology for a while, and her efforts are making tons of change in the world. Quite a great human.

    Thanks again, superstar.

  7. Marc,

    I think this is my favorite list — thank you! In today’s world, I can’t think of a greater compliment than to be considered trustworthy.

    Thank you so much for including me.

    I will also tell you — having met many of the people on your list, that they are just as genuine and generous in person as they are on their blogs. You are an excellent judge of character!

    Again, thank you.


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  9. Thank you for your vote of confidence, Marc. I echo the sentiments on trust. And I like your explanation of how you determined part of it – the pragmatic, realistic, and reliable representation of “why” that should be at the core of any marketing execution through and with social media.

  10. @Rachel You bring upa good term: straight shooter. Which is a great way to describe this group. I want others to know that they can depend on what they are reading and who they are listening to as sources of information that they can run with.


  11. @Chris, Thankyou for putting on a great twebinar. Per the recommendations of others that we as a group could trust, I think it’s important to hear from notable people in the space of who they can absolutely trust. I think about it all the timie. Who in your circle of friends can you trust? Who in the business world can you trust? It’s not as big a list as we would like to think.


  12. @Drew, I don’t know about excellent judge, merely calling it as I see it. In the end it will be up to others to decide who they trust. But for me I will stick to this list and pass it on to others as my recommendation of who they should look to first for information, guidance and opinion. Thanks for stopping by and the kind words.


  13. @Valeria, You’re quite welcome. In the end, isn’t that what we want from someone we trust? Pragmatic, realistic and reliable advice opinion and straight forward conversations?


  14. I personally wouldn’t trust the other 25 further than I could throw them 🙂

    PS Got to add Greg Verdino, Adam Broitman and Mitch Joel to the list. They’re all bald. “What have they got to hide?” Or perhaps I should say, “where would they hide it?”

  15. Marc – Diva Marketing has been around for over 4-years so it’s not a big surprise that it makes it on lots of lists .. longevity has it’s rewards 😉 However, your list based on trust means more to me than the t-rati or alexa rankings. Thank you for the honor.

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