LinkedIn has got it’s act together

Yep, LinkedIn does have its act together…Except for today, since they have been down for over 2 hours. But having said that, I’m sure the 23 million plus members will let them slide. Especially since it has now been valued at over $1billion! Watch this video and listen carefully. You may understand the thinking that goes into investing in some of the hottest social media companies out there today.

With 23 million members in 150 countries, more than half overseas, LinkedIn has said it could generate as much as $100 million in revenue this year from premium subscriptions, blue-chip advertisers, job listings and corporate services. It’s all part of a massive shift, dubbed Enterprise 2.0, as corporate America increasingly turns to the Web for software and services.

LinkedIn boasts that it averages a new user every two seconds. Research firm Nielsen Online reports that LinkedIn is pulling in 146% more unique visitors year over year.

In May, it was the fourth-most-popular social network, with 7.7 million U.S. visitors. Its audience stats are the kind that impress advertisers as well: The average user is 41 years old and makes about $110,000 a year.


3 thoughts on “LinkedIn has got it’s act together

  1. Thanks for the post… Linked In has been so hot in Kansas City that a group of entrepreneurs invited some people from Linked In’s Omaha office to come down to KC and share about themselves during a Linked In “How to” networking event. Was very interesting. It truly is a powerful social media tool for networking and business growth strategies.

  2. It’s a little odd to me that it has taken an inherently 2.0 company such as a social networking site so long to get on board Enterprise 2.0 to make a little cash. LinkedIn is the first such community to move away from the century old advertising revenue model while other networking sites cling to ads for dear life. I’m talking about you (cough) Facebook (cough) Myspace.

    News of LinkedIn’s upcoming product launches got a little lost today in all of the buzz about the $1 billion value yada yada yada, but one such product, Company Groups, will create private forums for employees of a company to collaborate on work related tasks on their company’s dime, of course. LinkedIn will soon be home to corporate wikis and the like. It’s reassuring to know that LinkedIn will not soon be overtaken by annoying ads, but only time will tell if members will appreciate their company having so much access to their previously private networking activities. The price of maximum utility is maximum transparency, but is the LinkedIn user ready to make the sacrifice? Facebook’s Beacon disaster left a bad taste in this user’s mouth.

  3. @Brittany, I could not agree with you more. I would have to guess that Company groups might segment the company profile from the actual LI profile. And that similar to FB, you might be able to control what someone might see.

    To your other point, nothing annoys me more when a new web 2.0 start-up lets us know that their business model is wrapped around advertising and traffic. You would think that the wreckage lining the path to success would daunt these companies into re-thinking how they plan on making money.


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