I’m Worried About Google Plus

It’s no secret to most of us in the digital world that Google’s track record in trying to roll out socially infused applications is not good. I can’t even remember the last time I checked in at Google Buzz. I’m starting to think that maybe Google Plus might fall into that category as well. Here’s why. Since it came out, I haven’t had time to use it. I see that I keep getting notifications of people who keep adding me but I really haven’t had nor have I really taken the time to organize it. And maybe that’s the problem. I need to organize it. I know, Twitter and Facebook allow you to do it to a certain degree, and I have organized them, so what gives?

Maybe this town ain’t big enough for another social network?

I can definitely verify that interest for me in Google+ is waning, but maybe there is a deeper issue here.  What am I supposed to do with this other network if the same people I follow and communicate with on Facebook and Twitter appear on Google Plus? I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Facebook and Twitter are broken so therefore, what is the compelling offer for me? What is it for others? What about hardcore Facebook users? The attraction could be Facebook fatigue or a cleaner UI, but beyond that, is the grass really that greener?

Maybe I’ll start using it, but for what? To push out more content? To consume it? To organize it? I already do that elsewhere. I need a really good reason beyond aggregating the things I already do on or with Google to use Google Plus. Maybe I don’t know what I can do, if that’s the case, then share with me what you know or do with Google + that might give it an advantage.

I can’t be the only one who thinks this…Can I?

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  1. Google needs to treat this channel as a Chamber of Commerce essentially. If the business pages don’t have the feel of an online Chamber then I’m afraid for it as well. The power is in leveraging all the businesses Mapped on Google and offering them a way to be social on Google and build SEO value for their business online by connecting with each other. I think there is too much emphasis on connecting businesses with consumers, and that already happens on Twitter and Facebook. Google can’t assume that copying that model will work.

    Their play needs to be a challenge against Facebook Pages and getting businesses that want to connect and network with other businesses to do so on Google+. Part of my problem with engaging with other businesses on Facebook is that that my profile taps into my personal life and I don’t care to share that necessarily with other businesses I’d like to network with. Linkedin somewhat offers this business connectivity platform, but the conversations are essentially private. Google+ will be much more public with the B2B conversations and I think that will interest customers and the general public.

    Maybe that’s pie in the sky thinking, but I’m concerned with you. If the business side/strategy with this fails then we won’t find time to use it and it will die.

  2. @mark I agree with profiles bleeding into each other, I see the main problem being that instead of trying to be a better linkedin, they keep trying to be a better FB. I’m with you, the business pages are an untapped resource- it already has LBS features and perhaps whats missing is a social connection, again though, are we just too saturated with networks?

  3. I’ve actually thought that from the beginning–and it shows in my use (ranging from “not much” to “none). You’re definitely not the only one, Marc.

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  5. Marc,

    The only interesting thing about G+ is the circles feature. But that is just the point – its a feature. Facebook is already trying to mimic it. Soon it will all look like Vegas and one light-less cave is about the same as the next.

  6. I think it will come down to how well Google utilize integration with it’s world class products like the search engine and Google Maps. These product should be able to to give them an advantage.

    I like sparks as an example of how to use the Google power, but it is pretty much an demo today. Google will need more and better functionality like that.

    And I can’t understand why they haven’t offered owners of Blogger blogs to display posts and comments on their G+ profile as well.

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