You know what Twitter needs to Fix?

I know, it’s a loaded question but it’s simple really. It’s the one area that needs attention and really hasn’t received much of it. See if you can figure out. I apologize for using my page as the example.

The Bio section. If we’ve been saying that numbers don’t matter and that it’s all about quality and not quantity, then that notion pretty much renders alot of what you see on the bio section as useless. Right?.  Here’s a really quick suggestion. Since we have the ability to publish content across multiple social platforms at once, perhaps we should see what networks one is a part of. Twitter needs to empower it’s users and allow them to take advantage of a new bio design that leverages more of who they are and not their “personal numbers”. The current bio section was cool when Twitter first launched 5 years ago. Right now it only serves to answer the most rudimentary of questions-that most frown on anyways.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “You know what Twitter needs to Fix?

  1. Perhaps you are right. But what I enjoy about Twitter compared to other social networking sites is that here I can relate to people with similar interests. On Facebook, for example, I have tons of obligatory “friends” because they are family, coworkers, former classmates, friends of classmates, friends of family, friends of friends, friends of neighbors (do you get the point yet?). On Twitter, however, I can keep all those people out and interact with people of my choosing based on content and the value of the conversations that interest me, without regard to personal relationships. If all of a sudden all of my Facebook “friends” started cluttering up my Twitter timeline, it would no longer be valuable to me. I am glad that my other networks are not visible to Twitter followers. The hint of “anonymity” adds value in my opinion.

  2. Does anyone really look at how many people follow another person? I would like to see something that would refer to something other than how many I follow, how many follow me. However, even if twitter makes changes and you could see networks or keywords…you still have to get people to fill out their information correctly.
    I mean really, most don’t effectively utilize what is there right now. I am amazed.

  3. @Cindi I agree, numbers don’t matter right? But you’re also right, I see so many bios that are done wrong starting with not adding URL’s.

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  5. I agree with Angela. Twitter, while sharing some important aspects of Facebook, is an entirely different animal, and with good reason. Twitter is used exclusively for status updates, but unlike Facebook, Twitter is about connecting people with similar interests, ideas, and thoughts… not necessarily with your family and friends (although they can follow your “tweets” as well). I like more twitter than facebook.



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