When Social Media Strategy Becomes Irrelevant


What’s important? Every day online and in the social media bubble we talk about ROI and the strategy and the channels used to grow your social media presence and impact. Here are 3 examples where social media has never figured more prominently and yet it had nothing to do with strategy or ROI, but had everything to do with the engine that does drive social media, PEOPLE.

This past Friday, YouTube created the YouTube Person Finder a channel that is aggregating video messages from the victims and the people affected by the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan more than a week ago. No strategy, no ROI justification-Just YouTube realizing that they could create something that could help people in a time of need.

Meanwhile Google, creates the Google Person Finder which is pulling all relevant search information about people affected in the region into a simple interface. You can either supply information that you know about someone or you can search information posted about someone you know. On top of this, Google has created the Google Crisis Response Page which in my opinion should be shared by everyone just based on the amount of information posted and updated on it.

A Facebook Causes page was recently created to support and raise awareness and funds for the earthquake and tsunami victims.  The page is called Help Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Victims, and it allows Facebook users to donate anywhere from $10 to $500, or they can join the cause and share it with their Facebook friends.  So far they have raised $240.000  This might not seem like a lot but every bit of it will help. Additional Facebook resources can also be found here  Global Disaster Relief on Facebook page.

This is bigger picture stuff here and at the end of the day has nothing to do with business strategies or ROI but has everything to do with people using the power of social media to make a difference when it matters most-People in need. Impactful stuff…


4 thoughts on “When Social Media Strategy Becomes Irrelevant

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  2. In the last months, social media tools were very important in the evolution and monitoring of various world crisis, it’s just natural seen their ability to reach hundreds of thousands of people across the whole world.
    A tool stops being just a tool when its potential benefits for the world audience are absolutely undeniable in a period of crisis. In this case, normal rules don’t apply, all for the public good.

  3. I love this Mark – I bet if people focused more on filling needs and providing value rather than making dough, a tremendous amount of value would be created.

    Actually, that’s already happening. The best applications and tools people use are often times developed by mistake or morph from one purpose to a completely different one.

    Funny, most fortunes are made by those not seeking riches, but desirous of changing the world for the better.

    Cheers to you Mark

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