What Are the New Defaults of Social Media?

Before this post got  accidentally erased, I was waxing poetic about we really need to do to get past the current defaults of social media. It all started with a podcast I was on last week with Geoff Livingston, Toby Bloomberg and Nancy Pekala of the AMA, and we were discussing social media and the enterprise, and I was asking out loud, what it would take to get us to the next level. You see, in the last ohhh… 3-5 years much has been written about these defaults of social media and more has been said, but you probably know them better as:

  • Transparency
  • Authenticity
  • Openness
  • Being real

But, before we can move ahead though, what we really need to do is educate people on not the old defaults, but what the new defaults might be. Or better yet, what happens when we are:

  • Too transparent
  • Too authentic
  • Too open
  • Too real

For a lot of people, they can readily see what social media can do and what effect and impact it can have on their immediate social circle. But what they don’t see, is what the effect can be on people they don’t know. They find that out the hard way. Am I wrong?